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Hi everyone

Those that applied to the RN Residency Program at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital that begins in Feb, have you heard anything? I saw a few days ago that they stopped accepting applications. I spoke with the nurse recruiter there about 2 weeks ago and she said they would be beginning interviews around the first week of November. Has anyone gotten a call yet for an interview? I really want this job and I am just starting to panic because I haven't heard anything yet!


Wait for it......

Still no word from Cypress or Ben Taub (SoSimply)???

I called Cypress Fairbanks on Tuesday because i was getting inpatient and asked if they started interviewing yet, and all she said was they didn't start calling for the ED yet. She didn't say when they were going to though. So I'm guessing if they didn't start calling for the ED, they probably haven't started calling for the others either. I talked to them a week before the apps closed and they said they had around 75 applicants for the program. A nurse manager I talked to said they take 8 people total (I guess 2 for each specialty maybe?). I'm curious, out of say 75 people, how many people do you think they will actually interview?

No, I have yet to hear anything from them. I will call Ben Taub tomorrow. I have tried emailing the nurse recruiter but she hasn't replied.

Methodist is having a career event in which they will be having onsite interviews on next Tuesday, November 9. There is a graduate nurse position listed. It does say BSN required, but it doesn't hurt to try. You can register at, and then complete the application for the GN position. It is at the Willowbrook location.

So SimplyMe-well, I heard from Ben Taub, via email, so you already know, no interview. I wish you well.

Cypress - still no word but I did apply for the MedSurg dept so....

Gonna enjoy my weekend (after a short pity party). I have a part time home health job that will keep my skills sharp.

Don't forget that Conroe Regional also has a GN position.

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:( I received the email as well. This is very frustrating. I'm working part time for home health as well. But I just want something stable right now.

I can't figure out how to PM you but I want to know which home health group u r with? If you don't wish to share, I understand.

Miss K.

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I can't figure out how to PM you but I want to know which home health group u r with? If you don't wish to share, I understand.

Miss K.

You will be able to send pm's once you have 15 posts.

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It is discouraging not to hear anything at all as well as not to get in where you want to go but, if it does not work out here are some suggestions:

1. Try going further outbound (rural facilities are hurting for RNs (yes even the ADNs).

2. Try a LTACH (long term acute care hospital) gets you hospital experience and you may like it

3. Go back to school (I know some of you are doing that and some just graduated) and understand if you need to earn some money and want a break but, this is really going to be neccessary in the times we are in to have the BSN.

4. Join professional organziations

5. Network

6. Sign up for CEs and speciality courses at the facilities you are interested in and network (ie. ACLS, PALS, certifications,etc)

Good luck and hope I was of some help to you guys and gals.

TexasNurseEducator, thanks so much for your suggestions. I'm definitely going to take your advice on doing the ACLS and PALS courses. I have my ADN so I'm currently working on finishing up my BSN, but I'm going to do my last 3 clinical classes online + clinical hours at a hospital down here because I just moved out of state. Finding a hospital to take me on for clinical is somewhat complicating me finishing my degree, hopefully I get it figured out soon. Do you have any examples/suggestions of good professional organizations to get involved with? Thanks

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I would suggest you join at least 2 organizations. 1 being general for nursing advocacy like Texas Nurses Association chapter, or other for wherever you moved, of ANA. Secondly, your area of practice association. I am not sure what you mean by clinical for your degree but, in my experience almost impossible to do solo. What you need is an affiliation agreement between the school and facility. So, depending on type of clinicals might be easier to do in nursing home, clinic, or other setting that doesn't require as much legal paperwork.

Good luck to you.

Thank You for the goot pointers.

BTW - There is a Houston North West recruitment event tomorrow (Th 11/11) and a memorial hermann recruitment event on Nov 20th.

hang in there!!!

I also began volunteering with a hospice org. LUV IT, besides I't hard to have a bad day when you are helping families.

Take Care

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