Cut my finger on pill cutter. Wut do?

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OP cuts finger on pill cutter while trying to clean blade with alcohol pad.

OP receives open laceration and reports to employee health.

OP is afraid of infection or serious complications. srs.

Am I going to die? Wut do?

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I am guessing wut do?= what should I do?

I have no idea what "srs" means. I know SMS means short messaging system aka text message.

Anyway yes, we are all going to die. Are you going to die from a finger laceration on a clean pill cutter? not likely.

You reported the incident to employee health.

A needle stick from a needle that was used to inject lidocaine into a MRSA+ & VRE+ abscess prior to I&D might be a bit more to worry about.

Follow the instructions given to you by the occupational health.

If you are concerned about complications, follow up with employee health.

They most likely explained your risk of exposure to virulent pathogens from a pill cutter solely used as intended to split medications is extremely minimal.

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What do "wut do" mean?

Are you going to die? Yes. We all are. But probably not from a laceration from a clean pill cutter.


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I might just die now......from laughing!!

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