CUNY LEHMAN - Accelerated Program Questions


Hello !!!!

I just found out Lehman has an accelerated nursing program. Has anyone on this blog applied? Are you currently an accelerated nursing student at Lehman? Anyone completed or preparing to take the Pre-Nursing Exam?


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I graduated from the program in August, very hectic being only 12 months. You really have to stay on top of the reading. Had many sleepless nights and sometimes things got a little unorganized but nonetheless all of the accelerated students passed the nclex the first try.


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I'm happy to hear that and CONGRATS !!

How was the admissions process? Do you think it's as grueling as other schools? Were you a student at Lehman while you were applying? I ask this last question because I understand that accerlerated applicants have to take the pre-nursing exam. But I'm not a student at Lehman yet and was told that I couldn't take the exam.


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CUNY schools you must be matriculated in the school to apply to the program so yes I was a student there. They take about 12 students for the accelerated program.


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Hi --

I just got into Lehman college as a 2nd degree applicant. Yay! I plan on taking my pre-req's there and then applying to their accelerated and/or generic program. I'm currently a SAHM and I chose Lehman because of the outstanding child care center.

Has anyone taken pre-req's there? I'm deciding if I should take A&P I & II this summer so I can apply this January 2013. Or, if I should take a little longer with my pre-req's and apply the following year.

Has anyone studied or is currently studying nursing there? I'd love to reach out to you to get your advice perspective.

Thanks so much!!


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Can anyone recommend a good professor to take A&PI &II with at Lehman?

I'm deciding if I should take A&P1&2 this summer -- session 1 & 2 or start in the fall? If I do the summer classes, I'll have all my pre-req's done to apply for the Fall 2013 accelerated program.

If not, I'll have to wait & apply for 2014 admission.

Obviously, it is of the utmost importance that I get good grades -- so if the fast summer courses are too much -- please let me know!!




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Hello !!!!

I just found out Lehman has an accelerated nursing program. Has anyone on this blog applied? Are you currently an accelerated nursing student at Lehman? Anyone completed or preparing to take the Pre-Nursing Exam?

Hey guys!

I'm looking into applying to the accelerated nursing program @Lehman. I have all the pre-reqs except the HIS260 class (human growth and devp). I was wondering if they'll let me in w/o that class or do I have to take it prior to getting in?

Also I have a 3.4 gpa with a BS in medical technology and about 2.5 yr exp working in clinical labs. (that's cumulative and does not include my two A'S in AnP1,2 that I took as a post-bacc). Would anyone be willing to share their application stats? It would be helpful :-)

Hello All.

I am interested in applying to Lehman's accelerated nursing program. From your comments above, I see that you must be matriculated in the college before applying? I have one pre-requisite remaining for the program, that I would like to take at Lehman but I am just wondering if one class would count as being matriculated? Also, I have heard that the program is extremely difficult to get into? I have the opportunity to attend a private college or wait and take the extra pre-req and apply to Lehman? I am just worried this will be a gamble and I will end up not being accepted anywhere! Any info/ details/ advise you have about the program would be extremely helpful :)



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Is it true that only 12 students get into Lehman's Accelerated program???!!!!! Is that a rotating admissions....accepting students in the Fall, Spring, etc.? Geez this whole admissions process in NYC is frustrating!!! Is it better to shell out the money and go to NYU where they accept many more students?


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I have a B.S. in Creative Writing from Lehman. I have decided to go into nursing, can anyone advise on what my next step should be? Should I take the 9 pre reqs for the B.S.N. and try to get into the accelerated program since I already have a degree? If I did not go that route, would I have to get another 4 year degree? Can someone direct me to someone who can give me advisement from the school?

Specializes in Med-surg, home care.

what is the application process like? I hope to apply to SUNY downstate in the future but I would also consider Lehman's ABSN program (I live in Queens and would prefer a school that I could drive too that isn't too far). I tried emailing the school but have not gotten a response.


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I'm submitting my application to lehman's accelerated program for the fall of 2013.

I'm taking the HESI exam this Saturday! I'm freaking out.