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CUNY colleges NYC (Kaplan exam)


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Thank you!

Hello all! I'm currently in city tech taking my last 2 pre-reqs to get into the program. I will be taking the test in April. I was wondering if y'all can tell me what kind of material was on kaplan admission test and what study books (if any) would y'all recommend.

p.s. is the test free or is it $65? Im getting different answers to that.

Thanks in advance!!!


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I got a 3.72 at bmcc and want to transfer to city tech i need to do math 1275

I transferred from laguardia college and I took math 1275 there and got an A. HOWEVER, city tech told me that I had to retake the class because the class at laguardia was a 3 credit class and city tech was a 4 credit class! So I was upset because I pay my tuition out of pocket, but everything worked out well because I was accepted and start this fall!!!! Good Luck!