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Hey guys, I thought I'd start a thread for this fall's 2018 cohort!

I applied to the FNP program at CSULB. How about you guys? And also did you hear

anything regarding on when they're going to send out acceptance letters?

Hey! I applied to the FNP program too. Still waiting to hear...

I applied to the PNP program! I had a group interview about 2 weeks ago, they said they'd send out acceptance emails around the first week of April.

Hey! I applied for the PMHNP track. I hope we hear this week! Does anyone know if it's by email or regular mail?

We were told in my group interview we would be emailed!

This wait it torture...

Anyone heard anything yet?!

I was told 2nd or 3rd week of April, guess we have to be more patient lol

Ohh. In our group interview they said first week of April! Bummer. I guess the wait continues.

Thank God I am not the only one who hasn't heard anything yet. lol The wait goes on...

I applied as well and have not heard anything back. HOWEVER, I did the Application Status Report on the Applicant Self-Service Website that was given through the email and my status was changed to "You have been offered Admission." I have not received anything official via email or snail-mail, but I am hoping this is a good sign. Crossing my fingers!!

@Edenone What specialty did you apply for?

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