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Hey guys, has anyone gotten their tb screening cleared with Quantiferon? I know that at the orientation they said we need to have the 2-step ppd, but my doctor ordered the Quanti anyway despite me telling him this.. In my case, does anyone remember what they said the next steps are? Do I still need two ppd placements and readings or is just one additional ok?


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No, you just need the negative quantiferon initially for the health tracker. The 2 step TB test must be done yearly though, so you will have to get that done next year.


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I got cleared with quantiferon

Thanks you guys!


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has anyone received their uniforms yet from prowearplus?

I spoke with the saleswoman on June 19th and she said they will be ready in about three weeks, which is around now. She said we'll be notified by email or text when everything is ready. I opted to pick up from the store but it's probably the same timeframe for shipments.

Are there semester clinical forms for LBMMC? I only found forms for VA and St. Mary's.


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Do we just leave CPI certificate incomplete?


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Do we just leave CPI certificate incomplete?

Yeah. We complete that one before we start psych clinicals.


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Hello guys!

I am planning on applying to CSULB for the Fall 2019 year, and I was wondering if you guys have any advice or could tell me if I am competitive?

I have the following points:

4.0 prerequisite GPA - 4 points

4.0 GE GPA - 2 points

87.3% overall for TEAS - 1.75 point

85.1% reading for TEAS - 1.70 points

so I have a total of 9.45 points....is this competitive enough? thanks!!


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Hi this is sort of off topic, but I just had the communication exercise and I wiggled my finger and head a little bit during the communication part. Do you think I failed because of this?


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Hey all, I know this is an older forum but I just had a quick question. Does anybody know if SON requires students to submit a drug test? I received a medicinal marijuana card from my doctor several years ago due to health problems, but I am not sure what the nursing programs principles are with this situation and I do not want to call and ask as I am slightly embarrassed they'll think badly of me. Thank you for any feedback/help in advance.

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