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Santa Barbara city college also has both pharmacology and pathophysiolgy

But they are online


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Anyone receive their orientation packet yet?


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I haven't received one either. Has anyone been emailed yet?


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Congrats to everyone who attended orientation today!!!! You're one step closer to having that BSN behind your name. For future communicative purposes, I recommend you make a facebook group for your cohort. It will probably come in handy!


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^ so I figured I'd make a Facebook group, so we can keep in touch and help each other out with anything that needs to be done before the semester starts.

You guys are more than welcome to look up the group. It's CSULB BSN Fall 2018


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For the castlebranch background check thing, do we have to pay $25 after we enter the code?


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Yes you need to pay the $35 in order to gain access to the Castlebranch health online tracking system after selecting your trimester or semester code. Luckily for me most of the health requirements for Long Beach were similar to my requirements as a volunteer at a hospital so it was just a matter of quickly uploading the proof for the 16 categories. I think we need to wait for word on the CPI certificate from the school as I haven't completed that one. As for the I simply bought and paid around $20 for the year from NSO.com. I hope that helps.


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@engtonurse thank you so much!!

Also, does anyone know if and when we are getting drug tested before we start?


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Hey steven, can you private message me? I need to ask you something and I can't seem to private message you.


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Sure bro


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has anyone registered for their classes yet?


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You do that at SOAR. You are registered for that right?

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