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I really want to work on a cruise ship someday. I think it would be a blast. Anyone ever work on one or got any info about them?


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Usually requires several years of experience in ED/ICU.

Usually requires several years of experience in ED/ICU.

Or hemodialysis..LOL

And you don't really make much money. You get your cruise free as payment.

Some people do it on their regular paid vacation from their full time job.

Good luck


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I've read some articles about this! It's kinda one of my goals...but I have a ton of goals. :p And yeah, from what I read, it does require several years of ED/ICU...because sometimes you may be the only person around! But man, the equipment and everything they showed in the article was amazing! They have a lot of gear on those ships!


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Hi, i'm a nursing student in Seattle. A few years back I worked for a cruise ship and we had a husband and wife nurse doctor team aboard. Their stateroom was included as well as all meals plus the daytime travel excursions. During one cruise, the only serious patient care I witnessed the doctor and/or nurse performing was checking a passenger for chest pains. Although, worse things can happen when the ship is out at sea and land is a couple of days away. I worked for a smaller cruise ship company out of Seattle, not the large Norweigan-type cruise ships. Overall, it looked like a great job to have, certainly better than the one I had (cleaning rooms). LoL!


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I was on an Alaska Cruise last summer and thought it would be great to work the ship. What state license would you need? The crew I spoke with on the ship said they had to sign on for 6 months. How can you take your two week vacaton and work a cruise ship?? I have the years of experience in ED but have no desire to work ICU. How long do you ususlly have to keep a patient on board? How many Nurses are on the ship at one time? I'll ask more questions later if there are more posts.


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Remember those stories about whole cruise ships coming down with Norwalk virus? I think it would be a lot of fun unless that happened.


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I have wondered about working on a cruise ship too. Anyone else with info or experience with this??


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I just read an article about the safety of medical care aboard ships. It's really got me thinking that I might want to do it for awhile. Although, I would have to gain at least three years experience according to the article.

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