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I will take the exam in Feb 4, 2009 and I am so nervous. Based on what I read on this site (forums) one of the booklets is soooo difficult, others had a hard time processing the all feb 4 examinees Good luck.


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Hi there all.

I am an Aussie trained RN also sitting the 4 Feb '09 CRNE. I, too, am incredibly nervous. What is making me more nervous is that I have not yet worked in a Canadian health system.

It took me awhile to understand how the multiple choice questions work, how some answers appear judgemental / don't promote therapeutic communication, but I feel pretty confident. But I know that nurses can walk in confidently to the CRNE, and walk out feeling 2inches tall. I am expecting all the booklets to be sooo difficulty. All the best to EVERYONE.

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Have you purchased the review book? Best of luck on your exams.


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Thanks! I may need a bit of luck!

I am studying with 2000 3rd ed. CNA CRNE prep guide, 2005 4th ed. CNA CRNE prep guide and 2009 Lippincott CRNE prep guide. After reading many posts praising it, I regret not looking into Mosby's Prep Guide.


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Mosby is way too technical, don't sweat it!

You do feel like you've been through the mill on the day but if you have done the CNA book & worked through the on-line test & done well on them (over 75% is usually quoted) you should be fine.

Make sure that you really, really read the question & possible answer options. The words "and" & "but" can make a big difference!!

Take your fave headache tablets at lunch time even if you don't have one (you will by the end of the day!)


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Hi all!

I received 73% on the CNA online readiness test. I was disappointed. I should have done better! I was aiming to spend no more than 60 seconds on each question, because I know that time is of the essence during the exam. I misread the allocated time to complete the test. I thought it was two hours, but it was actually three, I think. Then when I finished the online test, I realised I had a whole hour remaining. I got 78% on the 4th edition CNA CRNE prep guide (I did not do this in practice exam conditions). Have any nurses found that they scored adequately in the online readiness test, yet scored very poorly in the real test and failed the CRNE? Alternatively, have any nurses scored poorly in the online readiness test, yet passed the CRNE?


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I got an average of 83% 1st attempt scores, across the board, when I studied, including the on-line test. The test will tell you where you went wrong & where you need to refocus your study.

Do bear in mind that the pass marks for the last 2 tests have been somehere around the 150 mark & there are 289 questions in all (app) with 30 of those test questions that don't count. Therefore, if you repeated your 73% you would pass.

I'm not suggesting you don't study hard, or rest on your laurels though. It's a tricky exam & you will need to make sure you have practised as much as possible.

Re-do the CNA exam books until you get 100% on each test & you really know why each of the answers are correct. The real exam is way harder & by doing that you'll get a picture of what makes one answer more right than another.


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Yikes... I'm scared. I'm writing the CRNE in feb too. I've been trying to get through the Mosby's comprehensive review book, and I'm only half way. My average scores from Mosby has only been 64%-68% so I'm feeling kind of hopeless. Mosby's is so technical, the CRNE isn't as detailed as the questions from Mosby's right? I have the CNA book as well, but I plan to do that after I finish Mosby.


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Good luck on your exam i will be taking mine in June, i am an IEN in the uk and believe me a bit confused as to where to start. i do have the CNA prep guide 2005 and the blue print thats it i have being reading up disease conditions have properly started answering questions but i am keeping a positive spirit.

I would really love someone to study with who was trained in Canada


GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!


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I pray that all those that took the CRNE on Feb 4,2009 will be successful and that we all passed...

Now we have to painfully wait for the results.


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Hi everyone,

I just wrote the CRNE a few days ago and is wondering how everyone felt about the exam. Personally, I dont know what to think, and have no idea how I did. I don't feel like I bombed it but I dont feel like I aced it either. On a lot of the questions I was guessing between two options. I was wondering if anyone else felt this way...

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I think you will find this is how many feel

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