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CRNE ending, NCLEX beginning

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I'm just going into a fast-track RN program this Fall 2013. So I will be writing the NCLEX-RN exam in 2015. For those of you who are in Nursing school now - what is the main difference between the CRNE and the NCLEX? What are your schools/professors saying about the new exam?

hi there eeff... which school you will be taking your fast tract rn program?

@mayaH - McMaster !


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For starters by 2015, you won't be writing the NCLEX https://www.ncsbn.org/nclex.htm in Canada. That exam is US based only. You will be writing a Canadian version of the NCLEX, meaning it's a computerized, pathophysiology-based exam, which is a good thing and long over due.

The CNO is calling it the NCLEX.....so i suspect this is case of apples and oranges....


Though based on reading the FAQs, it would appear as though if you write the NCLEX in Canada, there is a potential to not have to write again to practice in the US, or simply to write a small supplement So that to me means that the exams will be fairly similar......though it is still a long time off, so a lot can change.

I am just finishing my first year of a BScN, and most of my profs have on idea about how it is going to change things.

The structure of the new CRNE starting in 2015 will be similar to the NCLEX in the U.S. The pass mark for the current CRNE and CPNRE are set by a panel of experts in which those who meet or surpass the pass mark will pass. The NCLEX structure is computerized and the pass mark is based on the applicant's probability estimate so apparently an applicant can pass the exam within 15 minutes if they answer high level questions that solidify their ability. Each question on the current CRNE and CPNRE are weighed the same where as the questions on the NCLEX have varying levels of difficulty so if you answer one question wrong the next question that follows would be lower difficulty and vice-versa. The new exam will require the applicant to be above the ability estimate so being at or below the ability estimate is considered a fail. Apparently there is an increased risks for failure with the new structure and there are more disadvantages with computerized testing where as reading comprehension is different on screen vs paper exams and its difficult to make notes on screen than on paper.

I have seen so much confusion about what is going on with the CNRE to NCLEX. I was under the impression that we would keep our test but it would be developed for the computer, making it more accessible, easier to administer and standardized. It seems that we will be writing the same exam by 2015.

Now I don't know what to think. I will be writing the exam in 2015, how do I prepare? I have Mosby's prep for the Canadian RN exam, should I pick up an NCLEX review? On the upside, it seems that the Americans have much more prep materials than us, including several web based programs.

I wonder if this change will make it easier for Canadians to practice in the US and vise versa.

Would this mean we can take the exam internationally? like in London, Hong Kong... etc.


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I contacted the CRNBC back in December asking about the NCLEX and the cross border acceptability (ie if I take the NCLEX in the USA do I have to retake it in Canada) ... Here is their response:

As we are in the early stages of developing the NCLEX-RN exam for use in Canada, I cannot give you a definitive answer at this point. What I can tell you is that it is quite likely that as of January 2015, the NCLEX-RN exam will be accepted as meeting the entry to practice exam requirement whether written in Canada or USA. If you write the NCLEX-RN exam in the USA PRIOR to January 2015, it MAY not be accepted for registration in British Columbia and you MAY be required to write the NCLEX-RN in Canada.

I'm sorry that I cannot provide you with more information at this time. As mentioned, it is still quite early in the process and such details have not been confirmed. My suggestion is to monitor the CRNBC and CCRNR (Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators) for future updates.

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* I'm a Dual citizen (Canada/USA) completing my nursing education (RN) in the USA and moving back to BC afterwards, that's why I contacted the CRNBC :)

I was told there will be no Canadian content on the NCLEX and all of our personal information will be stored on an American data base

, anyone else hear this?

Hi Im a USRN from Philippines. I took my NCLEX exam last year 2012. I am planning to take my CRNE exam by 2015 or 2016 as my canadian husband will get me to live in Canada. It would be advantage for me if the CRNE exam is similar to NCLEX exam. NCLEX is difficult, for me all answers given were seemed correct. It really needs critical thinking and analysis but i passed because of having comprehensive self review, daily practice exams atleast 50 questions a day and exam strategies. My exam was more on hospital setting, prioritizing interventions computation of pediatric dosage, drugs, psyche medsurg, infection control etc. Different types of test formats were given. I ended up completing 144 questions in 2 and half hours. I got the results one day after the exam... they just put passed or failed. But the scores were not disclosed.

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My instructors say it's the exact same as the U.S entry to practice exam (NCLEX) and not a canadian version of it. Also, it's going to be more have a bigger pathophysiology focus. Just hearsay for now I suppose.

Is the application process in canadian NCLEX will be the same as the CRNE? like i have to communicate in the board of nursing in the province of canada i prefer to choose of getting license to? such as SRNA for "Saskatchewan RN Association"....

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Is the application process in canadian NCLEX will be the same as the CRNE? like i have to communicate in the board of nursing in the province of canada i prefer to choose of getting license to? such as SRNA for "Saskatchewan RN Association"....

Later in the year all IEN applications must go to a central place to be assessed once that is completed you apply to the province you wish to live and work and meet requirements and only then will you get a decision on the next step. NCLEX will be in p,ace from next year instead of CRNE but requirements must be met