Sings of hypoxia on a ventilator

  1. Hi everyone, what are signs that a patient is hypoxic while on a ventilator when the pulse ox is not working for 15 min? And the only thing available at the time are heart rate and blood pressure? If vital signs are not changing could patient still be hypoxic?
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    Visualize Papa Smurph.
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    Is that it?
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    Quote from BBB888
    Is that it?
    Other than cyanosis, what signs/symptoms do you think might be present?

    What exactly does pulse oximetry tell you?

    As you specificzlly mentioned a ventilated patient, do you think the signs/symptoms arre different for intubated patients?
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    ok I guess that's the answer, thanks so much for taking your time to respond. I really appreciate it guys thanks.
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    Sounds like a nursing school question. Its all fine and dandy to ask if your really stuck, but come on, at least try to formulate some kind of answer on your own.
  8. by   SummitRN
    1. Look at your patient.
    2. Fix your pulse ox or draw an ABG.
    3. What vented patient only has BP/HR?
    4. Look at your vent.
    5. Changing HR/BP is not diagnostic of hypoxia except in the VERY late stages. The way in which they change will vary depending on the pt's condition. Eventually they both go to zero.
    6. See #1 & #2