Creatures with curative powers


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Pregnant Mare urine (estrogen)

That's where they got the name Premarin.

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Don't forget salmon sperm!


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Don't forget the curative power of the feline purr. Seriously, purring frequencies are associated with improved bone fracture healing, among other things.

Purrs to you all,




*deep breath*


thanks cat show lady, next time i get a tib fib i'll tape a couple cats to my leg

there's so many flaws with that article you could throw a tar covered cat at it and 10 of them would stick to it

there is some evidence for EMF stimulating bone knitting, but to extrapolate that to cats? really?

did you ask for permission to reproduce that? it includes the internet (lol)

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did you ask for permission to reproduce that? it includes the internet (lol)

I am unclear as to what I have reproduced. However if you can clarify I will be more than happy to email the owners of the site and request permission to post a link to their public information.



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oh i just saw this on one of the articles you posted "Equine Advocates, Inc. Permission to reprint MUST be requested - that includes for the Internet!"

made me laugh....

leslie :-D

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Don't forget salmon sperm!

i'll try not to...:uhoh21:

dang, i hope that wasn't a boy salmon i had last noc for dinner.



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That's where they got the name Premarin.
I was in a focus group for a lawsuit over Premarin...the lawyers for the pharmecutical company actually came out and admitted that their drug had probably caused the plaintiff to develop breast cancer, or if she had already had it, it caused her tumor to grow at a highly advanced rate. they had the nerve to claim "she should really be thanking us for making her tumor grow - that way she detected it more easily!" - yeah, because she had to have her breast removed and lost the use of her arm, you *******. the drug made early detection impossible because of how much it increased the growth rate. the company knew that Premarin does this to people, they showed us internal corporate memos that proved that, but they dont' care. just want to convince people they need another magic pill.

every time I see someone mention this drug I remember this trial and what it did to that woman. I'm not a doctor or even a nurse yet, but as I understand it HRT only masks symptoms of a natural stage in life. maybe it helps more people than it hurts, I don't know, but it seemed to me that that drug company only wanted to milk that poor woman for all she was worth, and didn't give a damn about her health or safety. I think she would've rather put up with her hot flashes than gotten breast cancer.

and that says nothing of how they treat these horses.


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Don't forget about phoenix tears having healing powers- even against basilisk venom!! I have never used it but I saw a movie- (?documentary?) about this Harry somebody where it worked great.

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