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My husband and I have went from a income of $35,000.00 per year to $20,000.00 all for a sacrifice I wanted to take to accomplish my dream of being a surgical nurse. I am attending a private college with the uglyest and loudest car in the parking lot, everyone stares at me when I pull in, and races from me when I pull out. I avoid making friends because I'm affraid they will want to come to my house that the siding is pressed board and is chipping off. I'm hoping that ugly car last me long enough to make it through college and plan on firing my landlord once I get a good job. I can't wait, and it's showing, I plan on loading up the classes in the spring and going full force until it's done.

Hope to turn that ugly Buick into a Cadillac upon graduation.



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Hi from Ohio

Your post reminded me of when a sister of mine was attending nursing school years ago.. she drove a Camero that consistantly broke down and always on a highway far

She is a nurse driving a very expensive Expedition with all the bells and whistles.. she works really hard for her $$.

Some day you will have a reliable quiet vehicle ! Good Luck in school:)

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Friends won't care what kind of siding you have, they will admire you for making sacrifices to better yourself. And nurses in particular are used to looking past the outside imperfections to the real person's value.

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Hang in there. I hope your car holds out too.


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Feeling your pain over here! My car is ok, but I am afraid my house will fall apart before I finish school!


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We had to rent in a "lower" income housing development.....we have monthly inspections to check the condition of our house and so irritates the crap out of me. They say they are low income because the company gets a tax write off and most people who live out here are on HUD and food stamps. We are not currently. We were for about a year and then know we can make it okay without the help(I can't work while in won't leave enough time for studying and I have to watch my grades and such) so 7 months and 1 student loan later I am applying for assistance again. I know it is only while I am in school, but it's hard to admit. The HUD waiting list is now 8-10 months for any help from them so that will be a long wait, but it will help when it does come through.......I guess what I am saying is if you qualify for help....take are working to better yoursef and provide a better life for your it by any means possible!

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Howdy yall

from deep in the heart of texas

Hang in there Gordi, everything will get better. Even if you do live in OHIO

doo wah ditty


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Gordi, I think you are putting too much emphasis on your car...who cares? If people react to your car like you say, do you really want them as friends???? You wouldn't treat people different if they had less than a desirable car, would you? Don't assume that your classmates would either. Don't sell either your fellow classmates or yourself least you have a car, many of your classmates may not. It is also the least of your sacrifices while you pursue your degree. When people give you a look, just give them a big smile...who know's one of these days they may be one of your patients and they might not be in the most presentable state. :D


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Hang in there! I lived in Oak Cliff (the Hood) in Dallas when I was in Nsg. School. There was gunfire every night, my car got broken into, search helicopters flying over the house looking for felons, etc. But Now, I live in a very nice subdivision in Houston, own my own home, and have a 2 yr. old Mazda, a pedigreed Lhaso Apso.

You can't loose if you : Develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by asking Him into your heart if you haven't already done so, and ask for Wisdom. He will give it to you and guide your footsteps. You will be an Overcomer and make it through all the problems of life, Nsg. School included.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness, and all these THINGS (house, car, etc.) will be Added unto you....


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As the daughter of a mechanical engineer, stock car driver, and engine mechanic, I was taught that buying a new car is not the most efficient use of your money. So.... I make it a point to have cars that are pretty good, paid for in full, and I carry less insurance and more AAA. :D Bearing in mind that in my half-century of life, I've never ever financed a car--and probably never will--here's the list of my vehicles that got me through school:

To school, I drove (in this order) my husband's 1974 Chevy P/U truck, an "classic" (read, reallyreallyreally old) Firebird, an 85 Cutlass (in traffic, fondly called the "Gutless"-- and which decided to drop the tranny on the way to my Micro final in 5 pm traffic, got to the final 20 minutes late, and the instructor had to be convinced to let me in to take it.... but I passed), an '83 Olds Ciera Broughm (my favorite!), and when the mechanics said it was useless to fix it, and I finally had to "break down" :rolleyes: (i know, i know, bad pun) and buy another one-- and 1994 Plymouth Acclaim (perfect size for me, but I wish it was a 6).


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still think we got a good deal for $700; we replaced the tranny and hubby still drives it.

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If you have a car that gets you where you want to go I don't think anyone should give you "looks" unless you are headed directly for them. An old car with patches has more character than someone's brand new rig. Drive with pride, I say.

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