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Hi to all fellow aspiring nurses,

I took the CPNRE exam last June 24, 2017 and I find the exam very tricky and quite challenging.I got 85-95% on the predictor tests but still got stressed out during the exam.For those who did already, when did you take it and how did you find the exam?It's been two weeks already and I am soo anxious for the result.I hope we all pass.


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I think you meant to write "May 24th" rather than June 24th and yes, I found the exam very tricky as well. A lot of very ambiguous questions where I wasn't really sure what they were asking, and a lot of questions about drugs that I wasn't very familiar with. I did really well on the two practice tests I did but found the real thing to be much harder. For many of the questions I felt there were two right answers and I had a very hard time trying to figure out which answer they were looking for, so now I'm stuck stressing for the next month or so, waiting for the results.

I thought I would be writing with a room full of people so I was very surprised to find out there was only me and one other person at the test. The other person got up and left after about 55-60 minutes, which really freaked me out as I don't think there was any way she could have been done, and I can't stop wondering what happened with her. I hope she's okay.

Well good luck to all! I hope some of you will post what you thought of the test here and tell us how you think you did. Please also post as soon as you get your results so the rest of us know when they start being mailed out. Also, if anyone hears what the passing mark is, I'd really appreciate knowing that as well although I gather that it won't be calculated until all the results are in from across the country. At least I think that's how it works.

Hope everyone passes!


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Good luck with your results. I hope you pass it. I am taking it next week, can you ladies recall any of the questions, medication or diseases/systems which were in the test?

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Again, candidates writing registration exams sign a confidentiality pledge not to reveal the content of the exam and could face significant repercussions should they violate that pledge.


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Yes, it wouldn't be ethical to reveal any actual questions. Just know the main big illnesses and put on your critical thinking cap. There are lots of good practice tests out there to get you familiar with the typical format of questions, and that does help a lot. Best of luck!

Yes, I did my exam on May 24 not June 24 in Toronto.Thanks for correcting.Just review your school notes and do most of the prep guides and predictor tests as they are most likely similar to how ASI delivers the questions. Questions evolve on typical assessments, nursing interventions and immediate nursing actions.Know drugs as well.


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I wrote my exam on May 23rd in NS. Anyone get anyresults yet?


I took mine on the 24th of May.It'll be 4th week next week.Hope they will start sending out results very soon!

Other provinces get the results via emai.Ontario examinees are via snail mail.Hoping to hear from others once they they get their results.


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Hi everyone! I took mine May 23rd and waiting for my results as well. I'm from Ontario btw. Hope you guys update here if you have received yours. Thank you! :)


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Hi friends, I took my exam on June 14th. Ohhh...it was not that much easy for me.If god grace i will pass. By the way, when will the exam result published? i am from Alberta. Is they send via email or mail.I will be out of town on July.You know guys, I am really stressed out ,because my entire family is expecting a good result from me..mmm..i don,t know.Hey guys i have a suggestion. Eventhough you have 4hrs for the exam don't spend too much time for each question. Because i did that mistake so after a while when i look i was only had 1hr for remaining 70 questions.Then i need to rush.Its make me a hard time. so please keep an eye on your time.Anyway hop for the best.May god will shower his blessing to us. Hopfully we all pass.


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Hi! I just took the CPNRE this morning, and man was it tricky! I'm an IEN and I'm really anxious for the results. I almost took the whole 4 hours, cause after I was done with all the questions, I gave everything a once over, just to be sure I clicked on my answers correctly haha Also, I'm from Alberta, and the CLPNA said that they'll email us once the results are in and then we should be able to see them in our CLPNA profiles. I hope we all pass!


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I write June 14 as well and feel the same as all of you. Did great on predictor and practice tests, studied from books and notes and still felt the exam was tricky. Fingers crossed we passed! I am also from Ontario and wish the wait wasn't so long. The anxiety is killing me!

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