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Hi to all fellow aspiring nurses,

I took the CPNRE exam last June 24, 2017 and I find the exam very tricky and quite challenging.I got 85-95% on the predictor tests but still got stressed out during the exam.For those who did already, when did you take it and how did you find the exam?It's been two weeks already and I am soo anxious for the result.I hope we all pass.

Sorry, I don't know anything about prep courses so can't advise you on them. I did the online practice test (you pay extra for it - I think it was around $78?) two days before the exam and reviewed my lab class and health and healing class notes the day before writing. I felt that was a good preparation for me, but of course everyone's studying needs are different. Good luck!

I read about prep course but they are expensive..

I have the 3rd,4th,5th edition of prep guide..

The practice test is it the one from ASI?

Yes it was the one from ASI. I found the test questions a bit harder but the practice test was true to the form, style and layout of the actual one so all in all, well worth the money, for me anyway. I used the questions I got wrong as the basis of my list of topics to look up and review that day, and then just studied from my class notes the next day, and then wrote the exam. Still found the exam tricky but I don't think additional studying would have been of any benefit for me; I felt I was as prepared as I could be. Others may do better to study daily for a longer period of time before writing the exam, or by taking a prep course. I've always been a last minute crammer and it works very well for me, but I get that it's not the best way for most people, lol.

I'm a IEN that's why I'm thinking if I the prep course is worth the moneyí ½í¸”.. I keep on reading and understand all prep guide.. and I'll get the predictor test soon..

FYI: A friend just told me her cousin in Etobicoke (Toronto) received her letter today and passed! The letter was postmarked June 27th.

Has anyone else got their results? Please post here when you do so the rest of us can track the progress of the mail delivery across Ontario.

Good luck to all!

Just got my results from my write on May 23rd. Passed!

Just got my CNO mail.Thanks God I PASSED!Officially a nurse!I hope and pray you all pass too!All the best to


I'm in Toronto by the way!

Congratulations jessedigiovanni and appleberry2017! Great news!

To the rest of us still waiting...hang in there! My results didn't come today (I'm in Oshawa) but fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Hi friends,

I have a doubt. I wrote my exam in Edmonton. But I registered under CNO....so how will I get my result...is it via email or mail??...please let me know..and congrats to all who got passed...

Hii elbybaby ! you will get your result by mail.

Hii! Did anyone get their result in toronto who wrote on june 1-9?

Hi guys, to those who just got their results, when did you write your exam? Did you write around June 13-June 18?

I'm really anxious to see my results, wrote in ON on June 17th.

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