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Hi to all fellow aspiring nurses,

I took the CPNRE exam last June 24, 2017 and I find the exam very tricky and quite challenging.I got 85-95% on the predictor tests but still got stressed out during the exam.For those who did already, when did you take it and how did you find the exam?It's been two weeks already and I am soo anxious for the result.I hope we all pass.

Hi Friends, I just wrote my exam on May 17th as well. I found it tricky. Now the waiting is going to hurt, 4 to 6 weeks in Ontario. Hoping for the best. Good luck to us.

Hi.. did you register for a prep course . I will take the exam this semptwmber .Thanks

I did my CPNRE on 17th June 2017, Frankly speaking......It was terribly tricky and very hard as well. I am praying God for a miracle

Hi friends,

Is anyone got exam result? Hoo.....this waiting is terrible...í ½í¸“í ¾í´¤í ½í¸©

Did anyone get their result in ontario?

I don't know....Probably those who did on the month of May should get result at this time. I am really stressed. I did mine on june 14th..Waiting for God's miracle. Hop that we all will pass.

Did it on May 24 in Toronto but no results yet.Other provinces have it already by email.

I heard just 15 minutes ago that my friend got result in Toronto, she wrote on may 24 and she passed it. i wrote on june 8 and hope i will get good news soon.

Omg, good for her. I wrote mine in Mississauga June 17th, i guess i will be getting mine in Mid-July to end of July. I hope I passed. This waiting is horrible

Called the CNO today and only got the standard "it can be 4 - 6 weeks before you hear" reply to my question about when the results will be out. I was also told that the results are all mailed out on different days but I question this because I read that the results from the January/February CPNRE were all mailed out on February 21st in Ontario. I believe the person I spoke with with just reading me what she was told to say off a card because she knew absolutely nothing else about exam results, how they are calculated, etc.

I have a job offer, pending successfully passing the exam, and I am so worried that they will hire someone else if I don't hear soon, so very happy to see that someone in Toronto has heard and has passed. Hopefully all the Ontario results are on their way. Wishing you all my fellow Ontarians a "Pass" in the mail very soon!

Just heard that Nova Scotia is now receiving emailed results!

Did you register for prep course? Or self review?

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