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where are instrument count sheets put in your or's. On the outside or in the tray with the instruments.



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Hi Joe,

Our count sheets are inside the kit, but the hospital I came from, had them on the outside (which I liked better). Why do you ask? :)



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Ours are in a rack on the counter outside the rooms. Sometimes they come with the patient's chart, if they have gone to the holding area.


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Ours are tucked in one of the folds of the paper wrapper.


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Ours are in the tray with the instruments.


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The count sheets are inside the trays.


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Ours are in the patient's chart.

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The patient's chart?????


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Inside, but outside would be better so that the scrub person would never hand the circulator a bloody count sheet from a tray that was opened during the middle of a case.


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yes, as mike points out, only the circulator handles the count sheet. our facility makes it a part of the patient's record so it is placed with the rest of standard forms (without blood or other bodily fluids on it from a conversion). the count sheet is a standard sheet with about a third of it blanks that you can fill in on the less frequently used items. i was surprised at first because i had come from a facility that had the count sheets in with the instruments. naturally the down side is that it may take more time to fill in the blanks if a surgeon uses non-standard (for our facility) instruments.

i can see both sides but think each has its own merits. so i have to say that either way is good.


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Whats a count sheet? I'm new to the OR and we count Laps, Rays needles, TW's loops, hypos, kb's bovie tips, scratch pad, ect. We don't however count instruments.

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