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Hello everyone!

I will be testing for NCLEX in about 2 weeks. This is my first time going in to take the exam. I am also new to this website. I am currently looking for any helpful tips, advice or simply anything that would make this experience less stressful. I am currently using Hurst Review, UWorld, LaCharity & the Nurisng Mastery App.

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I would scroll through past threads about Nclex. I am doing what you are doing except my school did Kaplan instead of Hurst.

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Oh and good luck!

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This question gets asked a lot.... In fact I posted myself about freaking out before taking the NCLEX. So I'll tell you what I did but you scroll through and find lots of others advice.


1. I used Kaplan (our school made us purchase it anyway and we did live review during the semester).

Watched all the decision tree video's. I took all the NCLEX sample, trainer and readiness tests. Then I did all but the last few Qbank questions 75 at a time.

2. Picmonic has some questions and if you don't know the answer theres a picture nemonic video you can play. We made our own in our pharm class and they helped me a ton. I did not buy a membership, signed in for free.

NCLEX&reg-RN Question of the Day - Picmonic for Medicine | Ace STEP, COMLEX, NCLEX and MCAT with Picmonic :: Picmonic

3. I bought Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment: Practice Exercises for the NCLEX Examination, 3e by LaCharity PhD RN, Linda A. I used this when I was out and about (waiting in lines, for my daughter to get done with dance practice...) I was down to the last couple of chapters before I realized I could have been doing them online and sorting them according to my weaknesses. (code for free online was in new book)

4. I checked out this document that talks about breaking down the questions. It's a lot like Kaplan decision tree, but more understandable to me. It's only 24 pages - not dense pages though.


Remember that NCLEX is the perfect world, you have all the time, resources, staff and orders you need. So you never have to leave your patient, (there is always someone that will hear you ask for something you need and bring it to you)

NCLEX is about safety, so if you could only do one action which one would keep your patient the safest.... If it's a SATA or place in order. I would say to myself "what one thing would I do..if that was done and I could only do one thing more it would be?"


This is the hardest... I did it before and then even worse after. So do something... anything... to try and get your mind off of the test the day before and a couple of days after. (my state you can find your license online in 2 days or less)

I hope if you figure this one out you come back and share your advice with others. ;)

Good luck to you both!


Thank you so much for the great advice! & I will keep everyone posted..

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I take mine Friday. I'm freaking out right now.

Please keep us updated on how it goes. I'll be praying for you!

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I take mine Friday. I'm freaking out right now.

How I wish I had a way to stop the freaking out... if I had I would have used it on myself. :yes:

All I can say, is when it's done (meaning you have your license... my post test freak was worse then my pre-test one) you'll wonder why you had such anxiety. Good Luck!

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