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Cost of Excelsior if you have ALL pre-reqs done.


I think EX may be the way to go for me. If I do a lpn to Rn bridge in a traditional school, i'll have to spend about 3800 for two semesters or so, and have to drive two hours a day and sit in the class for however many hours...

What do you think the lpn-Rn cost would be if you have ALL the pre-reqs such as anatomy, micro, etc.. already done? Its almost like its a secret of how much it cost.


JustBeachyNurse, RN

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There is a cost calculator and worksheet on the EC website. Check the FAQ threads in the EC forum for a link

BarbaraNM, ASN, RN

Has 3 years experience.

It appears the cost worksheet on Excelsior's site has not been updated. The prices go up every July 1.

My costs over the last 2 years since I enrolled were about $10K. That includes English, Psych, Math and Info Literacy pre-reqs, Micro exam, all 8 Nursing exams, FCCA, CPNE, a workshop, and air fares/hotels for both. I never figured an exact amount, but I think that is close. The 'pay as you go' aspect appealed to me, and I have no student loan debt.


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The cost will increase dramatically if you don't get those exams done by July. In July, those exams turn into 16-week conferences with assignments, which I'm sure will make $3800 look like a steal of a deal!:woot: