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  1. by   Monica RN,BSN
    Quote from akwesook
    Had one molester in a co. jail who came in with c/o "needs catheter to pee"-- exam, had an old dirty pic line up there along with much infection and filth
    Nasty.. we had a very sicko man in our county jail who was obcessed with shoving things up his penis. GROSS he was.. he is outof jail now and among our society.. SICK!!

    I had 4 signals in the pods 2 nights ago.. all nonsense

    1) someone was pepper sprayed in a max pod
    2) 2 girls fighting in the pod
    3) a yahoo brought in by LEO who was hit in the head with a cinder block with a huge goose egg and orbital hematomas.. sent him out for ct scan and medical clearance
    4) a gut complaining of "sweaty" do we treat sweaty?? I told him to go take off those extra three shirts he was wearing and go back to sleep
  2. by   ex1140
    Attempted suicide by hanging...I hate those type of calls...we have to drop everything and rush out to get these guys...I have been very fortunate because not yet, have I had one that succeeded. However, the calls are very annoying...and it's one of the reasons I want out of corrections.
  3. by   nancykday
    Call out one time to evaluate an i/m who was under a bed, walked in took a look under the bed, talked very briefly with the i/m, left and went out to the CO and told them, "Yup, your right, she's under the bed." and returned to the infirmary. Another time called out to talk with an i/m who was " talking crazy " Went in and talked with the i/m who told me that the FBI was outside of the H/U, bugging her room, and then she told me that I should know all about that, since I was Marilyn Monroe. Let here room and thold the CO's she was quite sane, that I would never agree that an i/m was talking crazy, if she thought I looked like Marilyn Monroe.
    In both cases not sure what they expected me to do since both individuals any thoughts of self harm or harm to others, and weren't being disruptive. And anyone who thinks I look like marilyn monroe is not only intellegent but has great eye sight
  4. by   Truegem
    I have a funny story from passing meds in the mental health area.
    Back in the day we used to give a lot of liquid psych meds. I handed this guy his little 30 cc cup of Prolixin or whatever it was and he promptly marched directly to the toilet, held the cup of medicine over the bowl and angrily said "I am not taking this medicine without an authorization number!" So, I leaned down and into the hatch I said "Forty three". And he took his medicine.

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