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  1. nancykday

    Changing specialties to corrections

    If you accept the job in corrections, learn and follow established P&P for the facility, they are written for a reason. Do not deviate from the policy, that is your biggest lifeline in corrections. The DOC will back you up, only if you follow the policies. Hone your assesment skill, and remember if something doesn't seem right, follow your instincts. It is an inmates job to try and scam you. They have nothing to do all day, but to try and beat the system. All things considered, I love correctional nursing. And remember, you always know who the bad people are.
  2. nancykday

    Thinking about working in a women's prison?

    i have worked i a female prison for 11 years and love it. yes the females are more demanding, but you remain fair, firm and consistant. no is still no, they may complain, but they get over it, it is really not much different then dealing with children. women are mor mouthy than male i/m. btw please excuse no capitalization, i just broke my right wrist in a fall and having trouble typing with one hand
  3. nancykday


    I have not personally worked for Wexford, but they once had our state DOC contract. IMO, from that time, Wexford offer poor healthcare to the inmates, had multiple medical malpractice siuts filed against them, and frequently did no pay their bills. They provided substandard eqipment to the facilities, and we frequently ran out of supplies,ie gloves. We had to file an OSHA complaint against the company b/c they ould not provide us with safety needles d/t the increase costs. Finally they lost the contract for the state and were kicked out. They did have some fine people working for them, but d/t the the higher ups in the company, their hands were tied. On one wrongful death / medical malpractice suit alone, they cost the state 2.1 mill alone. You need to keep your eye on them. good luck
  4. nancykday

    Prison Nursing

    I have worked in corrections for 11 years, I feel more safe and secure than when I worked in the hospital enviroment. In prison you know who the " bad guys/girls are". You are very security-minded in prison and as long as you don't check your common sense at the gate, you are very secure, and you will security around to watch your back. I had been assulted many time in my hospital career, I have never been physically assulted since I have worked in corrections,
  5. nancykday

    Continuing Education?

    check here http://www.nurse.com/ce/Correctional http://www.aidsetc.org/aidsetc?page=etres-display&resource=etres-92
  6. nancykday

    Retiring, what is that?

    I am looking forward to retirement at age 62, with a great pension and healthcare benefits, and then traveling the country with my husband and doing everthing I was unable to do b/c of the job and mandatory OT. I will be glad that I have this freedom while I am only 62 years young.
  7. nancykday

    Sharps Control

    We also wrap our syringes in groups of 10, but we also sign out for each needle and/or sharp. All sharps are held in the med room and each is signed out for accounted for individually ona sign out sheet, much like the narc count and all sharps are counted each shift by the oncoming and off going nurses. As i said, just like the narcs.
  8. nancykday

    Where do you work?

    Female max security DCC state correctional institution. Iam an employee of the state. We have 2 male RNs and an equal split 12 RNs 12 LPNs. We are currently a 1300 bed facility with 2 new HU under construction. We are slated to have a LTC unit constructed and our facility alo has the only forensic MHU for the state. We currently have 5 female capital cases. Our ages range from 16 -84 with approximately 40 % of our are lifers
  9. nancykday


    Originally Posted by Truegem And pregnant women who get arrested on purpose for free delivery This happens all the time some of our parole violators have had 3 children since I've worked in corrections. Pregnancy = job security :monkeydance:
  10. nancykday

    Corrections on TV

    What program were they filming?
  11. nancykday

    Highest BP you have ever seen on a pt

    I was pregnant with my 1st child in 1977, I was 23 y/o and developed pre-eclampsia at 7months. Was admitted to hospital with BP 140/92 foe 2 days of observation. Long story short, stayed in hospital for total of 2 weeks, BP topped out at 270/196, labor was induced, and my daughter was fine. Never had a h/a or any s/s.
  12. http://kstp.com/article/stories/S244714.shtml?cat=1
  13. nancykday

    Female Inmates?

    I work in a female prison, we have a few male nurses. I would recommend that you are never alone with a female, always have an officer or have the inmate in public.
  14. Call out one time to evaluate an i/m who was under a bed, walked in took a look under the bed, talked very briefly with the i/m, left and went out to the CO and told them, "Yup, your right, she's under the bed." and returned to the infirmary. Another time called out to talk with an i/m who was " talking crazy " Went in and talked with the i/m who told me that the FBI was outside of the H/U, bugging her room, and then she told me that I should know all about that, since I was Marilyn Monroe. Let here room and thold the CO's she was quite sane, that I would never agree that an i/m was talking crazy, if she thought I looked like Marilyn Monroe. In both cases not sure what they expected me to do since both individuals any thoughts of self harm or harm to others, and weren't being disruptive. And anyone who thinks I look like marilyn monroe is not only intellegent but has great eye sight
  15. nancykday

    choosing a specialty and personality type?

    your type is [color=#d000a0]entj[color=#d000a0]extraverted[color=#d000a0]intuitive[color=#d000a0]thinking[color=#d000a0]judgingstrength of the preferences % [color=#d000a0]11[color=#d000a0]38[color=#d000a0]25[color=#d000a0]56 correctional nurse