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:o Riverton, Wyoming. A nurse Tammy Sue Watts,39,was found dead at this state minimum -security prison. She was found in her office at the Wyoming Honor Farm at 6:45 am by a medical co-worker... Read More

  1. by   psychonurse
    It is amazing what the inmates get away movies, free medical, dental and mental health consultations. And if you would like to see something scary.....look at how much money we are spending on mental health facilities in some of the states. I feel that the inmates need to pay for some of their care but the NCCHC doesn't. So we will stay underpaid and overworked nurses for as long as I am working for the department of corrections
  2. by   nightingale
    HI there;

    I have worked at the womens prison in Wy. and just heard through the Grape Vine on this sad incident. I shall post the today story in the today newpaper for The Riverton Ranger:

    By Leslie Stratmoen
    Staff Writer
    A Wyoming Honor Farm inmate suspected of murdering Tammy Watts of Hudson has not yet been named.
    The investigation remains in a "holding pattern," said Chief John Snell of the Riverton Police Department.
    "We are still waiting for results from the lab."
    Autopsy evidence was transported to the Wyoming State Crime Lab in Cheyenne on April 16, a day after the prison nurse's body was found at the facility.
    A coworker discovered her dead body around 6:45 a.m. April 15 in an office at the Honor Farm.
    Watts worked at the facility as a contract nurse for Correctional Medical Services of St. Louis, Mo.
    The autopsy revealed that Watts died of a blow to the head and ligature strangulation, said Fremont County Coroner Ed McAuslan.
    The suspect is being held at the Wyoming State Penitentiary in Rawlins.
    "While we wait for results," Snell said, "(RPD) detectives are still writing and processing reports and trying to catch up with things that got set aside because of the investigation."
    All 170 Honor Farm inmates were interviewed, he said, as were 30-40 Honor Farm employees.
    Snell and detectives from the Riverton Police Department are lead investigators on the case, assisted by the Fremont County coroner's office and Division of Criminal Investigation.

    --------------- What a terrible thing to happen.

  3. by   Blackcat99
    Thanks for the messages and the new update on this story. Please tell me more about the women's prison in Lusk. Is it a good job? What is the town of Lusk like? What is the weather like?
  4. by   cindyrn1
    I worked for the State for almost 7 years at a Maximum Security Forensic Hospital. The patients in this type of setting are ones that have plead Guilty by reason of Insanity. Trust me, some of them just copped a plea to avoid being subjected to real consequences for their crime. Anyway, these patients who have committed horrible crimes (some too horrific to talk about) have better clothing than the staff, wear name brand tennis shoes, eat better than most families, have more parties that most of us in a year, receive better medical attention than those of us that pay for insurance and still think they deserve better treatment!!!!!!!!!!! A patient could buy $500 worth of clothes every 6 months and would buy FUBU, Tommy Hilfiger etc. Levi jeans, NIKE tennis shoes and all sorts of clothing. I knew patients that had 8 pair of tennis shoes or more that were practically brand new because they would have so much money to spend, they couldn't wear their tennis shoes out before the next clothing market! Each month there would be a Birthday party for any patient who had a birthday that month and again, they would receive birthday gifts courtesy of the TAX PAYERS! For meals they have had anything from Shrimp to Ribeye. They would have individual ward parties for various reasons and would be able to order out for McDonalds etc. TAX PAYERS were providing these criminals with the BEST that anyone could possibly want while serving their time. Now, I understand that some of the patients were truly sick, mentally and needed our help but to provide these patients with the luxury lifestyle that most staff couldn't even afford for their own families? Oh let's not forget the Olympic size swimming pool, the brand new gym and the Bowling alley and pool table room. I cannot believe that the politicians in our States don't realize just how much money we are losing to give these criminals a life of luxury!!!!!! If there was something I could do to bring these kind of things to the attention of our lawmakers, I would. So what are we teaching our criminals while they are incarcerated???????? You come to prison or go to a State Hospital and you can live the life of free food, movies, entertainment, NICE clothes and shoes and all the good medication that you could want. Then guess what? They get out and do you think they can afford to keep their "new lifestyle" up on the streets? I don't think so, not without having to commit another crime to get the money. Our State Hospital patients had 78 channels to watch on the TV, movies every weekend with buttered popcorn and soda. I will tell you that most of the patients that I worked with had gained at least 100# per year on the average. Our Tax dollars are going towards making our inmates feel like a Queen or King! As for the murder of this is outrageus that something like this could have happened. I feel for her family and friends during this painful time. Whoever did this to her, I hope they punish him to the fullest extent of the law. You give some of these criminals an inch and they take a mile. I had a patient once tell me that if a woman wouldn't give him what he wanted, he would take it because it was his right. Now this patient was able to say this to me without batting an eyelash and then laughed after he said it. He was in for numerous rapes and attempted murder but....... Guilty by reason of Insanity. Doesn't sound insane to me....just sounds like a man that has no remorse for his actions and has taken so much in life that he feels that whatever he wants he takes no matter who he hurts in the process. I did not mean to say so much in this post but it angers me to no end that our States are allowing our inmates and our mentally ill criminals to receive so much! Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous for free.......all you have to do is to commit a crime and you can have so much given to you for free! One last note, I did read somewhere that some States are beginning to make inmates pay for their stay while incarcerated. An excellent move on the States part. I hope that it works and that all States pass this law. Even if they don't have the money to do it, they should be responsible for the payment for the rest of their lives or until they can get their bill paid off. Sure would take some of the burden off us tax payers. Keep us posted on the case with the Nurse who lost her life taking care of humans that most people would rather throw away than deal with. My prayers are with her family.

    Quote from psychonurse
    It is amazing what the inmates get away movies, free medical, dental and mental health consultations. And if you would like to see something scary.....look at how much money we are spending on mental health facilities in some of the states. I feel that the inmates need to pay for some of their care but the NCCHC doesn't. So we will stay underpaid and overworked nurses for as long as I am working for the department of corrections
  5. by   Blackcat99
    :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire Good grief!!! Taxpayers paying for monthly birthday parties, birthday gifts, and individual ward parties too!!! Unbelievable!
    I thought most of the deluxe swimming pools were in Calif. prisons but I quess I was mistaken!!! Good Lord Almighty, Olympic size swimming pools, brand new gyms, bowling alley and pool table!!!! I can't even afford cable TV myself!!! Your state hospital inmates having 78 channels with buttered popcorn and soda too!!! You're absolutely right Cindy. It most certainly sounds like the "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" What a disgrace!!! I better go lie down I think I'm going to have a stroke" :angryfire
  6. by   WyomingRN
    I don't know what working conditions are like in the prison at Lusk, as I have never worked there.

    Lusk is a small town, population 1447. They have a grocery store, bank, hardware store, florist, odds and ends, plus the normal bars. They are planning on reopening the hospital in Nov. 2004. The weather is windy, windy, windy. Don't know of anywhere in Wyoming that it isn't windy though. Lusk also seems to get more snow than the surrounding areas. During the winter, the roads are frequently closed for a while. It is predominately a ranching community. For any major shopping you would have to travel to Casper which is 104 miles, one way. Casper has a mall, Wal-mart, Sam's Club, K-Mart etc.

    Remember in Wyoming it is nothing to travel 100 +/_ miles and never meet or see another car, let alone see a house. You can see plenty of cows and wildlife. To us this is a rural area, but to many people it is considered a desolate area.

    I travel the road between Torrington and Newcastle ( which is about 100 miles north of Lusk ) about once a month, at night I rarely meet any cars, or even see any car lights in front or behind me. Usually all I see is the deer along side the road or going across the road in front of me.
    In Wyoming a person has to travel in order to go to work, shop, or for entertainment.

    If you have any specific questions I will try and answer them.
  7. by   Blackcat99
    Thanks so much for your great information WyomingRN. I love small towns.
    Yes I remember the wind in Wyoming. So Lusk is very very windy. Do you know what the weather is like in the summer? Does it get real hot? Does Lusk have any Mexican restaurants? Does Lusk have a public swimming pool or a health club with a swimming pool? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again
  8. by   kmruddrn
    This is a very sad situation. I pray for the family of this nurse. I am a corrections nurse. I work at a level 5 super maximum security prison. You don't go anywhere without someone being aware. I am thankful for this, and other correctional nurses I'm sure know what I'm talking about. I work with some of the states most notorious and dangerous inmates. I also work with excellent security staff members. I wouldn't work at a minimum security prison for any amount of money. Our inmates are always restrained when we work with them. Security is first. Security is tight. I love my job as a corrections nurse and hope to continue through retirement. It saddens me to hear stories like these. It's ironic that you are more safe working at a facility that houses dangerous inmates.