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I applied for a job at a local prison but the pay was much lower than I expected and i was nervous about that type of work as i tend to trust people I'm caring for, so i declined the job. I'm... Read More

  1. by   Rambo-ette
    I am administrator at a Florida jail that is (yikes!!!) privatized. We are not the enemy folks!!! Private companies are INVITED into the systems because of the state/county reluctance to pay, monitor, support and manage health care, not to mention the supposed financial advantages of not running their own medical units. Much to everyone's surprise, private companies have benefits, job security, pay raises, etc. Many staff formerly employed with the state/counties going private elect to stay with the companies that take over. Even if a contract is lost, no company has a busload of nurses to bring in if they win the contract! The down side, howver, is the loss of seniority and accompanying benefits for the employees. Even with that disadvantage, the staff usually remains there. Salaries unfortunately are lower than hospitals, etc, but there are benefits, pensions, 401k, hospitalization etc. The average rate for LPN in Fla is 10.00/hr, RN's 20.00 hr. Most have generous differential pay for off shifts. I agree,, it doesn't compete with hospitals, but I for one would never return to hospital nursing after working in corrections. I love it!
  2. by   Rambo-ette
    In reply to Mrsgardener: There is no guarantee that that would not have happened to your friend in any medical unit. Unfortunately, HIV is spreading. the only advantage is that in corrections we at least know who's positive! There are disadvantages to every area to work. It sounds like your friend's experience was pretty hard. I would have pursued the issue of having no support from security in her situation with the warden or someone in charge!
  3. by   Mrsgardener
    Thanks Rambo-ette for your advise.I will relay it to her. She tells me that she has periods of depression.I try to be her friend and just listen to her.She has a new job now and appears much happier!
  4. by   TNcanNURSE
    I have worked at a private prison in TN. CCA (Corrections Corp. of America) The pay varies with the city and cost of living.
    As an LPN my starting pay was $12.50 an hour. Another more rural prison nearby starts around $11/hr. Memphis metro makes about the same as I made.

    I was laid off along with several other nurses due to a change of contract. I took a job that pays much better, but I absolutely LOVED working at the prison. I would like to take up the offer to go back but I guess I'm just too greedy.

    Prison work is definitely different. If you can tolerate the prisoners/patients. It'll keep you nervous at first. Once you get used to it, it really isn't all that scary anymore. The inmates didn't ever give me any serious problems.
  5. by   MrsK1223
    I live in KY and the federal prison nearby starts most RN's at around19$...then there is the step system...I think each yr it goes up so much. You can't beat their retirement and benefits. Thats my get in that prison.
  6. by   VickiRN
    I work in a county jail (not privatized) and our pay scales are $30,166.46 to 47,488.48 for LPN's and $42,218.00 to $63,327.00 for RN's plus we have paid retirement into the Florida retirement system, uniforms & lots of bene's. Hope this helps
  7. by   sjoe
    maia writes: "Thats my get in that prison."

    Well, just rob a bank.
  8. by   Mkue
    Originally posted by sjoe
    maia writes: "Thats my get in that prison."

    Well, just rob a bank.
    that is funny sjoe !
  9. by   PhePhe
    Does anyone in PA know the rates for Graterford Prison in Montgomery County or Norristown state hospital? Any state run correctional facility in PA? I know the prison contractors around here pay very low.
  10. by   bandaid911
    I think your salary depends on the company you work for. I work for CMS-correctional medical services. there salary ranges and benefits are wonderful. PHS on the other hand pay terribly. look into CMS employed prisons.

  11. by   kimprn
    Just hired on, less than a week ago, in N. CA prison, as a registry RN earning 50.00 an hour all shifts/no differential/no OT. I have both ER and ICU experience. Have found my ER exp. to be the most useful. Ran into a fellow RN working same registry/same prison with no ER/ICU background; doing fine.
  12. by   Cmyst

    (I know it's a longshot, this thread ended in March!)

    I am an RN trying to get a contract with probably the same place (NMR?) that you posted about. I want to work in the Sacramento area; there are two facilities there. I feel that my qualifications and experience are very good, and I am wanting the contract because I want to work as an independant contractor and this was the only place that I'd ever seen an ad for them. If you are still out there, can you give any advice or words of wisdom on my chances? The agency has all my forms, and they "presented" me to Folsom, but say that the prison has no openings right now. (September)
    If you prefer, you can email me at
  13. by   aussieshane
    im a psychiatric nurse with 5 years experience...could someone tell me whar hourly rate id receive working in washinton, boston east coast states