Are LVN's Hired in Correctional Facilities? - page 2

Just curious if any of y'all know of places that hire LVN's to work in the correctional setting or if you have to be an RN before your considered?... Read More

  1. by   tirzo13
    we use LVN's in california prisons, we are called MTA's.
    the pay is very good, alot more than hospitals, close to $40/hr with bonus.
    would not think its good for your back pain, we stand and walk alot, my feet/knees/back, whole body gets sore.

    really, i don't know why anybody would want to do this job.
    The CO's/guards have the same exact pay rate, and they sit down and drink coffee all day.
    we work nonstop.
    why would someone want to be a MTA/LVN with all the work we have to do, when they could do a lateral and be a CO?
    If you became a nurse for feeling good because you help people, forget that with this job.
    so at that point, it just becomes a job, not a passion or calling.
    so why do it?
    be a CO.
    I don't know.
    i work for the prison thru an agency, i'm only doing it till i take my RN board.
    RN job in the prison is alot easier and safer then the MTA/LVN job in the prison, at least in california.
  2. by   luvmy2angels
    Here in PA most of the correctional facilities hire LPNs as staff nurses and just have an RN as supervisor. They are always looking for more LPNs. I had actually thought about it but the pay really stinks (around here anyways).
  3. by   military spouse
    I work for CMS in MD and they seem to always be looking for LPNs. Many of the LPNs seem to leave very quickly after starting because they dislike working in the pharmacy. Good luck!