where are the correct heart sounds?


I have a test on the cardiac assessment. I practice on my family to hear the heart sounds and the Z landmarks, but I still have trouble. I think I know where the aortic and pulmonic valves are as well as the erbs point. as for the tricuspid valve, is it right below the erbs point, left of the breast? and the mitral valve is below the left nipple below the left breast at the midclavicular line??

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What does your textbook give as landmarks for these cardiac sounds?


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The way I learned it was this mnemonic: "Al Pacino Takes Medication." Aortic, Pulmonary, Tricuspid, and Mitral.

Aortic 2nd intercostal R sternal border

Pulmonary 2nd intercostal L sternal

Tricuspid: 4th L sternal

Mitral: 5th L midclavicular

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It's been well detailed where the landmarks are....the mnemonic I learned was APE To Man to remember the order of them.... Good luck


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Our neumonic device was All Pigs Eat Too Much. :) Good luck! Once you get it down, it's a piece of cake!

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Very good link, thank you.

Glad to help! You're Welcome!:redpinkhe Since I became ill and unable to work.............It helps me feel like I'm still a Nurse and doing my job.:nurse: