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Continuous pulse oximetry monitoring and COVID

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1000 Alarms in a 4 hour period... if there's a monitoring room with a tech having to watch and listen to that I'd be afraid they'd wind of developing an off shoot of ICU induced psychosisĀ šŸ¤®

NurseAnalise, BSN

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Do you you adhesive pulse oxs or the clip-on ones? I find more success with the adhesive type wrapped securely around a finger (or even a toe) to get a good waveform. Otherwise you could always try ear or forehead probes for patients who are difficult to get an accurate reading on due to poor circulation. Really, it sounds like more of a systems problem. Your facility sounds like it needs new equipment/capabilities to support a better monitoring system. Not an easy fix, but maybe you can use the unfortunate case of pt death to incite some change with upper management? Best of luck!