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confused and upset about Candidate Performance Report... need advice and help!!

by LM NY LM NY Member

Hey AN!!! As most of you know, people that fail the NCLEX get a CPR(Candidate Performance Report) in the mail. It breaks down all the categories on the NCLEX and shows if you were below the passing standard, near the passing standard or above the passing standard for each category. I was near the passing standard for every category, except for Management of Care and Psychosocial Integrity in which I was below the passing standard. At first, I thought I can work extra hard on those two categories, but then it dawned on me. I wasn't above the passing standard for any of those categories.

I think I am having a breakdown. I was extremely calm up until this point since failing the NCLEX on July 11th, but now it has hit me hard. I have read so many inspirational and motivating stories here on AN on passing the NCLEX on the 2nd, 3rd and even 6th try. I have been on one very long journey to this point. I am not in anyway implying that I will give up. I am just so mentally and physically exhausted.

I signed up for the NCSBN 5 week course. I am going to keep up with it and then 2 weeks before my NCLEX I will sign up for UWORLD to practice questions. I just needed to vent and like everyone else on AN, you know what a great resource this website is. I don't know! Just having a moment now.

Post 3 years graduation, I still have classmates that haven't either taken NCLEX or had the courage to sit for the exam a second time.

On another note, I have two classmates that passed about eight or nine months ago respectively after their 4th and 5th attempt.

Keep trying, stay focused, continue to work diligently toward passing. You'll soon see the fruits of your labor.

I took the nclex on friday and I just found out that I failed. I mean I don't know what else to do. Wait another 45 days.::unsure: