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I've noticed that a lot of programs only require four or five classes in order to apply. I've also seen ADN-BSN programs in my area- does that mean that you can transfer without taking the rest of general ed classes for the ADN degree?

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Those programs all require that you take Gen-Ed coursework that all students that attend the college/university must take. Additionally the nursing programs require a specific set of courses to qualify for entry to the program. Sometimes those classes "double count" toward your GE. The ADN-BSN programs are designed to take someone that has completed an ADN program (and has an ADN) and provides them the additional Upper Division GE and nursing courses to award them a BSN degree. This type of program isn't an entry-level program as the ADN part of it has taken care of that.


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No. You have to finish the general ed classes required to GET the ASN in order to qualify for the RN to BSN. There will still likely be even more general ed classes to complete anyway, like history, art, etc.


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Those are the classes that they look at in the admissions process to their program, not all of the classes required for a degree.


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Thanks all! So instead of focusing on just the four prerequisites, I need to focus on taking all of my general ed before applying as well?

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Thanks all! So instead of focusing on just the four prerequisites, I need to focus on taking all of my general ed before applying as well?

Not necessarily - usually the prerequisites are required before one can be admitted to a program. Gen ed is often completed while enrolled in a program. Take a look at the websites for the schools you are interested in applying to. They will often have a sample schedule of coursework somewhere. Better yet - you could speak to advisors for the programs you are interested in to clarify.

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My program was point based and you got points for your GE classes and you can't apply to take the NCLEX till you have you ADN which you can't get without your GE classes so yeah you should take as many as possible prior to the program cause taking them during would be horrible

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I would concentrate on completing your prerequisite courses and as much of the Gen Ed stuff before you apply to nursing school because once you're in a program, it can be very difficult to complete the program and the remaining GE at the same time. You have to graduate from the program and the school in order to be OK to sit for the NCLEX. A former classmate of mine had to take another GE course after he completed the program and that delayed his graduation by a semester and therefore his ability to take the NCLEX was delayed accordingly.

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My ADN program only required Anatomy I to apply, but in reality, no one without all of the general education was accepted because it was a competitive entry program (with points awarded for class completion). They also required a 2.0 GPA to apply, but no one under a 3.5 was actually accepted ....again, because it was competitive entry.


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For my AAS-N (Associates of Applied Science in Nursing), I was required to have classes such as ENG 101, MATH 120 or 126, CHEM 121 or BIOL 190 (Intro to Cell and Molecular Biology), BIOL 223 and 224 (Anatomy and Phys), PSY 101 before applying to the program. You could then either take BIOL 251 (Micro) before or during the program. I choose to take an accelerated 3 week long Micro class the summer prior to nursing school because I did not want to have to take any extra classes besides the core nursing classes while in the program if I didn't have to. You could also choose to take ENG 102 before or during as well as one of the following: HIST 111, CH 203 (Core Humanities), PSC 103 (Principles of American Constitutional Government). I also choose to take those PRIOR to the program.

You received points based on your GPA in the hard science classes and you could also get points for being a CNA, EMT as well. My EMT license is what helped me get accepted into nursing school on the first try.