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I posted on the LPN forum with no luck of replies. I will be

starting a BSN program in Jan. I just have a question

about where I should be in my performance and confidence

level as a new grad with 6.5 mos. of experience as a night

charge, nurse in a nursing home. Aprox. 40 and up pt. I

feel confident a lot of the time. However, I know that I need

a lot of work in that area. Is there anyone out there that can

give me some advice on this issue. What can I do to boost

my morale and be that confident person I hoping to become

sooner than later. Thanks for any advice you can give me.

P.S. I am not really having problems with the skills.:imbar


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Well, when I started out as a new grad back in 1997, our intstructors always told us that it would be a year until we felt confident. So, seeing as how you've been out of school for 6.5 months, give yourself time. As you get more experience with different things, then your confidence will grow. Each time you change into a new specialty, you need to give yourself time to feel comfortable in that setting.

I've been in Critical Care now for 9 months now and I still don't feel totally comfortable with everything. Whenever you have a question about something, just ask someone! The only stupid question is the one that you didn't ask. Good luck!


PMA---Positive Mental Attitude. It works. I picture myself looking a certain way, walking a certain way, and feeling a certain. All negative thoughts are gone out of my mind. I say postitive things about myself. When I do this, I am a postive person and my confidence shows.

The fact that you are a charge nurse says something about you. You already have the confidence. I agree with the previous poster. Give yourself time.

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I have a confidence problem too! but this is what co-workers have said to me "Quit beating yourself up, you are doing wonderful!" and also "YOu must be doing a good job if your that worried." I have no problems with my skilld either, I'm just constantly thinking that I suck, and I express it. I have even had the DON tell me that I am good, but I still go home every day crying.

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Fake it until you make it.

It takes time and experience to gain confidence. It took me a long time. I suffered from chronic self-esteem going into nursing and didn't nursing destroy whatever self-confidence I had.

But I certainly didn't let my instructors, my coworkers, or my patients know it!


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"fake it until you make it".... I like it, and it is true you just keep on believing in yourself..ask questions and confidence comes with time... Good Luck've already got what it takes.:)

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Hey Bambi~

I can relate to where you are. I've been working nights in LTC for only a couple of months now, as a charge nurse. Usually by myself, with 1 or 2 aides for about 60 patients.

I am not very confident with myself or if I am getting everything done that needs done, but I do have faith that in time, things will come to me.

Let's give ourselves a bit longer to see. I agree that it's gonna take a while, but the fact that we are being trusted with the facility and that we do know what we are doing, is a big plus in our favor!

Remember how it was when you first started? How things were so scary? It's not as bad now, is it?

Every day you are learning more and more.....and your confidence will build from learning.

Hang in there....I'm sure you are doing great!

PM me if you'd like to talk more.....

Julie :)


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Bambi, remember we all learn continually if you run upon something you don't feel confident in bring in some books, read up on it. I know when i was new(and still consider myself less than a seasoned nurse) i found it helped to find someone i trusted and made them my mentor it helped tremendously. we all have periods of doubt in ourselves, stay positive and keep your focus, your going to do just fine and you always have us here to lean on.


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you guys are so supportive. Thank you for your responses. It

makes me say I can do this, and faking it til' I make it sounds good to me. Positive self talk is what I need.


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Experience breeds confidence. The more time you've put in; the more comfortable you will be. Until then, fake it and never let em see ya sweat!



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I think you have received some great advice. I Like you worked as an LPN for about 7 months. Then returned to school part time for my RN. Then quit after 12 months to finish shool full time.

Now I have been an RN for about 18 months.

It takes experience to build confidence. Even with great skills and theory knowledge you actually have to put these into practice. The more sucesses you gain frrom your experience the more confident you become.

I gave a class to a non nursing group a few weeks ago about overcomming stage fright. I taught: experience -> sucess -> confidence. You can change those 3 words around in any order and they still work.

I read some place, when I was a beginning LPN to, picture the most confident nurse I know; then ask myself, what would she do in this situation; an do that.

I agree fake it till you make it.

A long time ago I tried an experiment with myself. I went around frowning no matter what happened. Not thinking anything in particular just holing my facial muscles in a frown. Results? ans." miserable day.

Then I smiled no matter what was happening no matter how bad things were etc. Just smiled. results? ans: you guessed it. good day.

Now I also discovered something else. My thoughts followed my behavior. That is if I smiled, I automatically thought good thoughts, etc. Previously I believed if I worked on the thoughts the behavior would follow. What I found was it was easier to work on the behavior than concsiously work on the thoughts. So, act confident. The thoughts will follow.

Also, keep in mind you will gain confidence as an LPN then boom! you are an RN and the whole thing starts over again.

There is a change theory that says every time you change areas of work or speciality. Like going from medical to tele. you start as a beginner no matter that you in theory know tele. and did clinicals there in school.


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Originally posted by 3rdShiftGuy

Fake it until you make it.

It takes time and experience to gain confidence. It took me a long time. I suffered from chronic self-esteem going into nursing and didn't nursing destroy whatever self-confidence I had.

But I certainly didn't let my instructors, my coworkers, or my patients know it!

You oughta work psych! :)

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