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h r u? i am a graduate nurse from india,i like to appear for nclex in vermont,can anyone tell me about vermont,bcos thats my future place to live...wat abt the job opportunities, climate, cost of living, wat is the difficulty u guys met wen u newly entered vermont? can anyone tell me? thank u so much

Specializes in Correctional Nursing. really depends on where you want to be because northern and southern vermont are very different. The best thing to do would be to visit and decide for yourself but as for me, I love it here. Send me a PM and I'll give you some details on email...good luck!

hi dalgal

thx 4 ur reply but i dont know wat is PM,can u tell me wats that? i am sorry... then how ia life 4 u?

Specializes in Correctional Nursing.

Hi...sorry, PM means private message but, I'll send you one if you like. To answer your question, I am not yet a nurse but I start nursing school in the fall. I've lived here in Vermont for almost 6 years and love everything about it. The job market in general is like everywhere else but there does seem to be a lot of nursing jobs available. The rental market around Burlington I've heard is expensive--but we live an hour and a half from burlington. Let me know what questions you have...

hi dalgal,

again thx 4 ur reply.......i am soo so so happy to see ur helping mind...i want to share more things abt me to u ,if u can pls send ur reply to my personal id ] i really appreciate this ,thank u so much. i am looking forward 4 ur mail at my personal id....bye take care....

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Vermont....the climate is cold, if you are renting get a place that has heat included in the rent. I have lived in northern vermont and currently I am living in southern Vt. Up north I found it too isolated for me. It was hard to make connections, friends, etc. I am not a big fan of the cold, so that could have been what really clouded my judgment. The job market here seems to be slowing a bit. I know a bunch of new grads have been having a difficult time finding a job. The cost of living is somewhat high compared to the income levels around, but, it's not impossibly hard. What has inspired you to move from India to Vermont? Have you been in the nursing field for some time, or is it new for you?


I recently passed RN from Vermont. Currently in Georgia, but can relocate to Vermont. any one help me in getting an RN job anywhere in Vermont ?

Nurse atl

If you have any interest in working in a prison, there are jobs available.

It's really not bad work. I've never felt threatened.

Let me know.

Are you sure that there is no harm in the prison nurse works ?

If you are skittish about things in general in life it may bother you to work in a prison. And, it does take some getting used to. I am a 36 year old women under 5 feet tall. I am not tough. I have found that being kind goes a long way. I have heard stories about prisons where all the nurses are required to wear "knife proof suits" you are protected from weapons. Not the case in my prison. For the most part Vermont ships out it's super dangerous/unstable folks. That's not to say there aren't murderers, rapists, and guys that you really don't want knowing your address here, there definitely are. You need to be good with your boundaries, and it helps if you have a nice disposition. I have seen people come and have a defensive manner about them and it is totally unnecessary, in fact I think it puts them in a vulnerable position. If you have experience as an RN you probably have quite a few options. Right now in Vermont it seems that the jobs that are very tight are the ones willing to train people. People right out of school are struggling to find jobs. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. I know it's stressful to be changing jobs and finding a new place to live and all.

I think many foreigners assume that Vermont has no nurses and is underpopulated....... there is a nursing shortage everywhere...

winsomehillRe: conditions in vermont

Nurse atl

If you have any interest in working in a prison, there are jobs available.

It's really not bad work. I've never felt threatened.

Let me know. May 20, 2009 10:48 AM

I would like to talk with you concerning the prison jobs in Vermont.

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