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  1. hema s manoharam

    conditions in vermont

    hi dalgal, again thx 4 ur reply.......i am soo so so happy to see ur helping mind...i want to share more things abt me to u ,if u can pls send ur reply to my personal id ] i really appreciate this ,thank u so much. i am looking forward 4 ur mail at my personal id....bye take care.... mod note, please do not post email addresses in posts as per terms of service
  2. hema s manoharam

    conditions in vermont

    hi dalgal thx 4 ur reply but i dont know wat is PM,can u tell me wats that? i am sorry... then how ia life 4 u?
  3. hema s manoharam

    about transfer

    hi guys can anyone tell me about getting transfer from other state to virginia as RN esp from vermont?
  4. hema s manoharam

    conditions in vermont

    hiii guys h r u? i am a graduate nurse from india,i like to appear for nclex in vermont,can anyone tell me about vermont,bcos thats my future place to live...wat abt the job opportunities, climate, cost of living, wat is the difficulty u guys met wen u newly entered vermont? can anyone tell me? thank u so much
  5. hema s manoharam

    taking NCLEX in vermont

    hiii everyone, i am a fresh graduate from India,I wish to appear for NCLEX but i have a confusion in selecting a state.where to take the exam?some says that taking exam and passing scores varies from state to state!!! is that true? what about taking exam in vermont board of nursing? does any one know the passing percentage in vermont? please help me to select a state to appear for exam ..thank you
  6. hema s manoharam

    About vermont help

    hi i am also a fresh graduate,i too dont have much experience but to my search vermont doesnt need any cgfns,if ur medium of instruction is english...me searching a state to appear for nclex...
  7. hema s manoharam

    Taking NCLEX in california board of nursing

    Hiii everyone, I am a B.Sc nursing graduate from India,as my parents are here ,I got the immigrant visa and came here,atpresent i am in virginia, i wish to take nclex in california board of nursing,but i heard that the passing score in california is higher than other states and it is hard to pass,is it true? and after i get through the exam in california,can i get transfer to other states? I AM REALLY IN A CONFUTION WHERE TO TAKE THE EXAM .PLEASE ANYONE HELP ME TO TAKE A GOOD DECISION,i am looking forward for the answer.......thank you