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Concordia University ABSN- Portland to St. Paul


Hi there-
I am curious if there are any applicants out there applying to the ABSN program Concordia- St. Paul on the Portland Campus. I am hoping people can provide concerns/confirmations that this program is solid? It makes me nervous that this is a new program but am extremely interested in enrolling in an ABSN program.

Concordia is closing in just a few weeks, so I definitely wouldn't apply there. A friend of mine just had to transfer to George Fox in the middle of his masters because of the closure.

The Nursing program got taken over by Concordia St paul, so it is still continuing there, just curious if anyone is considering that option. I am sorry to hear about your friend who had to transfer!


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I'm applying! Super nervous too.


Has 3 years experience.

Did you apply @nursingprospect2020?
Did anyone apply to Concordia St. Paul - Portland campus? If so, could you please share your experience? I just submitted my app and feel kind of nervous haha.

Hello! I also applied for the fall cohort! I am currently waitlisted but I'm pretty high up on the list, so I'm pretty hopeful! My advisor told me if I don't start in September, I will most likely start in January. I figure you've probably already heard back!

I have absolutely no concerns regarding the solidity of the program. Ultimately, nursing school is what you make it. There is a lot of self study and if you are disciplined enough, you'll make it. Don't rely on your instructors to convey everything you need to know. I completed one semester of nursing school at a different college but I had to move due to financial reasons... I'm usually a 4.0 student and finished out my first semester with a high B average. It is definitely challenging but if you put in the time and dedication, there is nothing you can't do.

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Hello everyone,

I also applied to the ABSN program and currently also waitlisted. I have pretty high hopes because I’m also relatively high on the list as well. For anyone that is applying or has applied I have created a facebook page titled “Concordia CSP ABSN Portland Fall 2020” so if there is anyone that has been accepted please add yourself to our page. At this current moment, we only have two members but expected to grow in time. Please connect with us, looking forward to nursing with you all.


Hope you moved forward John! My advisor called yesterday to say there was a lot of movement on the waitlist

I'm finishing up prerequisites and plan on applying soon. For those of you waitlisted, do you care to share your stats? Trying to gauge what the acceptance is like. 🙂

1 hour ago, FAOGOR said:

I'm finishing up prerequisites and plan on applying soon. For those of you waitlisted, do you care to share your stats? Trying to gauge what the acceptance is like. 🙂

It’s rolling admission, so if they think you’re a good candidate, you’re in. It’s not really competitive. I think they’re looking mostly at your science and math GPA, prereqs, and work experience. My “science and math GPA” is somewhere are 3.6. I did all my prereqs and I’ve had 2 years of experience as an MA. 

Does anyone have any insight into what the program is like? I'm speaking with an advisor now, but I couldn't find too much info online about program stats.

Hello everyone,

It has been some time since I posted last. Just wanted to give you all an update.

I applied to Concordia St. Paul's ABSN program in Portland around September/August timeframe and was around 14th on the waitlist. The very next week I moved from 14th spot to 3rd. I had pretty high hopes of being in the fall cohort, however I had a family medical situation so I asked to be considered for admission into the Spring cohort beginning in January. During this time Concordia had a rolling admission, which basically meant if I didn't get in the fall I would be certain to start in the Spring. Upon the start of the Fall cohort, I learned that the program was going through an evaluation to retain their accreditation and that this would affect the cohort beginning in the Spring (lucky me). Basically, because of this evaluation there is a possibility of having to take additional pre-reqs as well as the TEAS test instead of the Kaplan and also reapplying to the university's program. This of course is worse case scenario, however, I leaning towards Murphy's law. That is basically the gist of everything at the moment. I would love to start this program and just get going with my life in nursing but, I definitely plan on having a backup plan in light of everything going on with the program now. I hope this forum is helpful to you all and gives you a little better insight into this program.

always respectfully,





I’m from St. Paul, MN and wanted to apply to their ABSN program. I’ve been talking to an admission advisor and just want to know more info from a student’s pov.

So, I’ve been told I need a communication and chem class. If I get these classes done, I can start as early for Summer cohort ‘21. 

I know one is not Guaranteed a spot. But how do my odds seem? 
I have all prerequisites done besides that chem & communication class. My TEAS score was a 70.4? I just don’t want to waste time and money. I’m scared my score and GPA isn’t enough. 

I’m also waitlisted at a community college in St. Paul and still waiting to hear back from them.


Is anyone waiting to hear back for fall 2021 cohort? I applied and am still waiting to hear if I got in. If it isn't an option, I need to sign up for more prereqs for next year to apply to OHSU/Linfield and other out of state schools.

@al_e_p I’m in the Fall 2020 cohort. I was actually waitlisted and didn’t get my official acceptance letter until about the week before classes started. They want to fill as many spots as possible, so sometimes it’s last minute! It was all worth it though!

@fitlotus I don't think anyone has heard for Fall 2021. Everyone that I have talked to that applied for the first decision date hasn't heard back yet. How long did it take them to tell you that you were on the waitlist after you applied?

@fitlotus oh wow! so late! how do they expect you to have all your vaccines in line and everything in a month. I swear my counselor told me 3-4 weeks from the early application date. Now I am going back looking at my email haha. I am staying with my parents right now cause I am waiting to sign a new lease until I can figure out what my life is going to look like next year.