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  1. danya

    Portland Community College 2021/2022

    Take the 2 unit library class for the same extra point! It is seriously helpful for all the papers you write in the first year.
  2. A bit late, but I had 47/54 at CCC and 53/58 at PCC.
  3. danya

    Needs Encouragement

    Yeah you've got this! One thing to keep in mind is that Texas has some of the best odds for getting into a program- some of them as high as 80% acceptance rates if I remember correctly. The folks talking about 3.9 GPAs are generally applying to the west coast schools with 8-12% acceptance rates. I started looking at nursing schools with a 1.9 GPA. Really. I got in to 2 of the 3 schools I applied to on my first round of applications (at schools with 8% acceptance rates!). Similar to you, I had failed my last college course in 2014 to get to that 1.9, then gave up on school for a bit. Since going back in 2019, I put absolutely everything into getting straight A's. After a couple prereq terms with A's, I was able to go back to my previous college and apply for academic renewal, where they scrub F's (and sometimes D's) from your GPA. I had 23 credits removed this way, bringing my listed GPA up to a 2.8. I've attached a photo of what one old term looks like on my transcript now. Any school that just takes the provided number off the bottom of the transcript now uses the 2.8 to calculate my cumulative GPA, while those that calculate it themselves can choose whether or not to include the 'renewed' credits. If your old schools have a similar process I highly recommend you use it!
  4. danya

    Clackamas community college points?

    I think I had 47 and was accepted last year. Did the interview go horribly or something? I know I did the best in my group, there were students who were like, reading off of papers for their answers instead of engaging in a conversation. They didn't get in.
  5. danya

    How to prepare for first term of ADN?

    Thanks for all the advice everyone! I ended up taking some literature classes to round out my gen ED requirements, and then I'll have 8 weeks off where I'll try not to spend too much time stressing about classes.
  6. I heard from them May 18 as well. Just got the acceptance from PCC this morning now too. Anyone have any insight into how to choose between the programs?
  7. Congratulations! See you at orientation in a few days.
  8. danya

    PCC/MHCC/OHSU Fall 2020

    Yes it was. Hopefully you hear from them next week!
  9. danya

    PCC/MHCC/OHSU Fall 2020

    I had a look at my PCC communications, and it seems they send out pertinent emails between 8-9 am and 4-5 pm. I've still got my fingers crossed they send acceptances out by the end of the hour today, although I already replied accepting a spot at Clackamas this morning since I didn't want to chance it.
  10. I've been in SEIU as a phlebotomist no matter the state or clinic so far, fyi. That pay rate was pre-Fight for 15.
  11. Hello all- I've been accepted to a nursing program at my local community college, and I was wondering what those of you who've already been through it would recommend to prepare. What sort of gaps did you encounter between prerequisites and beginning nursing-specific courses? I have four months before classes start and was planning to at least start reading the textbooks ahead of time. Are there other good resources I should be looking at? Thanks in advance to anyone who has advice!
  12. Licensed in CA, last job in OR at Kaiser. First job was at $12/hr in nonprofit, to be fair (I believe CNAs were making $8-$10 at the time). Moving on to RN now because Kaiser has the highest pay in the business and I'm too young to be maxed out on lifetime earnings. ETA: re: licensing, I started with my state's list of accredited schools and then started calling the ones in my area for price and schedule, so that I'd get the best deal when they all result in the same license.
  13. 6 years of phlebotomy here, it's how I got interested in nursing. I found that I was getting paid 50-75% more than CNAs as a phlebotomist generally throughout my career. If the same holds true for your area, the higher paying job will serve you better while you work through school. School and state license cost around $1600, and I was making almost $50k annually in my last year in the lab.
  14. danya

    Easiest way to get in

    Earlier in the process I looked up schools with the highest acceptance rate- Ohio and Texas each had like 3 school in the 80% range. Much easier to get in if you're willing to move, and the NCLEX is the same wherever you go.
  15. I actually did prereqs at PCC, it seems silly but I almost want to go there just so I'd have one less transcript if I decide to apply to grad programs in the future. Good luck to you as well!
  16. I'm also waiting to hear back from PCC, debating if I should just accept the CCC slot now or wait in case PCC replies next week. Not sure how I'd choose if I got in to both.