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  1. Hello all- I've been accepted to a nursing program at my local community college, and I was wondering what those of you who've already been through it would recommend to prepare. What sort of gaps did you encounter between prerequisites and beginning nursing-specific courses? I have four months before classes start and was planning to at least start reading the textbooks ahead of time. Are there other good resources I should be looking at? Thanks in advance to anyone who has advice!
  2. danya

    Concordia University ABSN- Portland to St. Paul

    Concordia is closing in just a few weeks, so I definitely wouldn't apply there. A friend of mine just had to transfer to George Fox in the middle of his masters because of the closure.
  3. Made it to phase 2 at PCC and OHSU, but I really want to hear from Clackamas already! I know they said we'd be notified "At the end of the second week of April", but that email can't come soon enough.

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