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Concordia University ABSN- Portland to St. Paul


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I’m from St. Paul, MN and wanted to apply to their ABSN program. I’ve been talking to an admission advisor and just want to know more info from a student’s pov.

So, I’ve been told I need a communication and chem class. If I get these classes done, I can start as early for Summer cohort ‘21. 

I know one is not Guaranteed a spot. But how do my odds seem? 
I have all prerequisites done besides that chem & communication class. My TEAS score was a 70.4? I just don’t want to waste time and money. I’m scared my score and GPA isn’t enough. 

I’m also waitlisted at a community college in St. Paul and still waiting to hear back from them.


Is anyone waiting to hear back for fall 2021 cohort? I applied and am still waiting to hear if I got in. If it isn't an option, I need to sign up for more prereqs for next year to apply to OHSU/Linfield and other out of state schools.

@al_e_p I’m in the Fall 2020 cohort. I was actually waitlisted and didn’t get my official acceptance letter until about the week before classes started. They want to fill as many spots as possible, so sometimes it’s last minute! It was all worth it though!

@fitlotus I don't think anyone has heard for Fall 2021. Everyone that I have talked to that applied for the first decision date hasn't heard back yet. How long did it take them to tell you that you were on the waitlist after you applied?

@fitlotus oh wow! so late! how do they expect you to have all your vaccines in line and everything in a month. I swear my counselor told me 3-4 weeks from the early application date. Now I am going back looking at my email haha. I am staying with my parents right now cause I am waiting to sign a new lease until I can figure out what my life is going to look like next year.

Yeah, that’s what they told me too LOL. I applied the first day the app was open. Other people got acceptance letters way before I did, I’m not sure why they waited so long with me. 

Great. 😰 Anxiety was already high. Well I'm glad you got in! Hopefully I will hear soon.

On 5/11/2021 at 1:05 PM, al_e_p said:

Great. 😰 Anxiety was already high. Well I'm glad you got in! Hopefully I will hear soon.

I just got a call with my admissions results today so if you haven't already heard you should soon.

I started a FB group for all those planning to attend Fall 2021 Cohort