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  1. John Chae

    George Fox University Spring 2021

    Hi, my name is John and I got my acceptance to George Fox University as well. Starting the Spring 2021. I have created a facebook group if anyone is interested. It will be for our class and it will be a great way to connect before starting the program! The title of the group is “George Fox University Nursing Spring 2021.” So request to join and let’s meet each other. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! please also reach out to me at jchae20@georgefox.edu look forward to meeting everyone sincerely, John
  2. John Chae

    Concordia University ABSN- Portland to St. Paul

    Hello everyone, I also applied to the ABSN program and currently also waitlisted. I have pretty high hopes because I’m also relatively high on the list as well. For anyone that is applying or has applied I have created a facebook page titled “Concordia CSP ABSN Portland Fall 2020” so if there is anyone that has been accepted please add yourself to our page. At this current moment, we only have two members but expected to grow in time. Please connect with us, looking forward to nursing with you all. respectfully, John