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A nurse just hired at the facilities that I am working at. I have ran into nurses that worked with him and gave me insight on this person..... such as his license was under review for a narcotic issue, didn't get along with others, was fired from 2 previous jobs, including the hospital. Now at the facility I work at he has had issues already with some of the nurses, narcs have came up missing a few times, he forgets to sign narcs out frequently. Is it my position to let my boss know this? Do I stay out of it cause its not any of my business? Also many of my co-workers complain about him, and most dislike him. I have had no issues with this person so far. Any Advice would be helpful.

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Sounds like all you know is what others who dislike him have told you. You say, you have no issues with the guy. IMHO, then, don't go open the can of whoop-ass worms on him. If others are very unhappy and have a beef with him then it is on them to decide what THEY feel compelled to do. Obviously if he REALLY has such a poor and dangerous past, and your facility hired him, you can expect that your management does not care.

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you might get into trouble yourself with spreading gossip and that could end up in court with a slander lawsuit. The risk manager ought to know to do drug testing when narcs are missing. BE SURE you document effectively and contact your DON or your BON if a rules violation exists (and you have evidence or witnessed it).


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Be careful if you count narcotics with this nurse. Otherwise, if you can't personally witness something then keep your mouth shut and do not spread any tales.

If you followed this person and narcs were not signed off you do need to notify the supervisor. If all you have is information from others then you need to keep quiet. So basically unless you see it happen or follow the person and know factually that something happened then you need to be quiet.

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Sounds like a tricky situation... I agree, if u personally witnessed something fishy... U have a duty to report either anymously to HR or your state board of nursing... They are more apt to act and investigate the allgations...


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mind your business


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It is so far hear say. You have not seen that behavior going on with your two eyes. It probably could be considered slander if it ruined his career. I would not turn in someone without witnessing a behavior. I would stay out of it. Only report what you see with your eyes and ears first hand. This is still someones career that they worked hard to achieve. Give them the benefit of the doubt.