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  1. SouthernCarolinaRN

    Modified self-scheduling has to go (IMHO)

    We do self scheduling and we all love it. Everyone puts in what they want and then we get a 10 day window before it goes live where management gives a list of days short and overstaffed and allows the staff to fix it. If they dont fix then the management does. 99% of the time the staff fixes it because they dont want management to mess up their days.
  2. SouthernCarolinaRN

    RN-BSN online program advice please!

    Im currently attending ASU(American Sentinel) and they are great. Good instructors, good interaction with peers and tuition is not bad, I think its about 12k total for tuition of 10 BSN classes. There is a lot of papers to write as well as discussion board posts but no exams. I am learning a ton and its been very manageable with a full time job. Before anyone else comes on here and says it, They are not Regionally accredited but they are ccne accredited and that was good enough for what my future career holds for me. I am a 40 year old RN with 16 years of bedside nursing and I got 10 more years until I retire from full time nursing. A BSN is all I need to fulfill my goals at retirement.
  3. SouthernCarolinaRN

    Concerned! Need Some Advice

    If you followed this person and narcs were not signed off you do need to notify the supervisor. If all you have is information from others then you need to keep quiet. So basically unless you see it happen or follow the person and know factually that something happened then you need to be quiet.
  4. SouthernCarolinaRN

    First patient complaint...

    Some people you just cant please. Learn that and you will be golden. As long as you know you did the right thing dont sweat it. As long as there is not a pattern of complaints against you, I dont think you have anything to worry about.
  5. SouthernCarolinaRN

    HCAHPS Scores = hospital pay

    The worst part about all of this is that we are being told we cannot coach to the survey. In doing discharge phone calls, I find that the majority of the patients I spoke to did not understand the questions or how the scoring works. While my facility has been scoring well for a while now, our scores have dropped off a bit but its due to lack of patients knowing that a 2nd level rating is equivalent to a 66% which may not be what they are indicating their service to be.
  6. SouthernCarolinaRN

    Pay Raises

    We just got a raise back in June and Im expecting one again next year. We just had the best financial year ever believe it or not. Hope it keeps up.
  7. SouthernCarolinaRN

    Cardizem, rythmol, and dig.....oh my

    Wow 60mg iv is a huge dose. We usually give 12.5 or 25mg IVP followed by a drip at 5mg titrating upward to desired effect depending on B/P.
  8. SouthernCarolinaRN

    Starting classes at Jacksonville U. next week

    Im starting at JU Tomorrow..Its been 14 years since Ive been in school, hope I remember how to do this studying stuff again
  9. SouthernCarolinaRN

    Prayer @ staff meeting

    I am in a position of Leadership in my hospital. We have on occasion large like 700-900 person meetings outside the facility. Each time they open it with a prayer. I am an atheist and after I found out they did this, I just excuse myself out of the room until the prayer is over. I was questioned by the CEO and my manager as to why I did this and basically told them that Im here to obtain work related information not faith related information and that while I respect their right to participate in their faith, I choose not to and will continue to wait outside the room until they are completed. They understood and I have never had any further issues with it. So basically what Im saying is talk with the powers that be and leave the room if you find it offensive or inappropriate.
  10. SouthernCarolinaRN

    Well, this sucks (misadventures in online nursing school).

    Ive heard good things about Styleease as well as PERRLA. I plan to use one or the other when my paper writing starts in my BSN program.
  11. SouthernCarolinaRN

    If you make over 100k/year as a nurse

    I work 4 12 hour shifts a week and make just under 100k. I have an Associates degree at present but working on my BSN. I also have 14.5 yrs experience and work in a cardiac tele unit.