why compulsory breast feeding


:nurse: I do not understand why breastfeeding is compulsory, i had a small study from a patient,when she delivered this lady started breastfeeding her baby cried all day long giving the mother no sleep,then the elderly people in the area suggested light feed this baby didnot stop crying until the mother decieded to make it a bit heavy before this baby became satisfied since then her weight has not reducedalways increasing atimes by 8 and atimes by 9,she has never been sick
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Not sure I understand your question.... maybe ask over at the OB/GYN forum (and also figure out exactly what you're trying to say -- I'm guessing you're an international student?).


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This does not make a lick of sense!

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me thinks English is not the first language for the OP. Perhaps using a translation site? Any way, OP, your question is not at all clear, perhaps try again?

I'm sorry but like everyone else said, it's hard to understand your post. I'm passionate about breastfeeding and giving advice and support and I'd love to be able to understand what you're trying to say.