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Hi everyone,

I am student finishing my pre-reqs and I've noticed lately I've become very hostile to my fellow classmates when it comes to nursing school. I am very competitive by nature, but I don't like this feeling. I am almost happy when someone else isn't doing well. In the back of mind, I keep saying that thats one more person you don't have to worry about. I am having a hard time separating pride vs. boasting. Any thoughts? I hope this happens to others and I am not the only one feeling this way. :uhoh3: I want to do well and sincerely I want others to do well, but I can't get rid of this feeling of happiness when someone else isn't doing as well. I feel like I am on a pedestal that could come tumbling down at any time. Honestly, I am not a bad person, I just want to know if this is common. Sometimes I call my mom crying :crying2: because I fellow awful for feeling this way. I know I miss spelled competitive, sorry!!!

I can relate to those feelings because I was in your shoes. During prereqs, I felt "superior" in a way, when others aren't doing so well. But like yourself, I honestly want others to do well. I was in a study group with some C & D students. I think part of this is because we know how competitive it is to get into nursing schools. I also think because of the state of our economy, jobs & resources aren't as available so we get competitive subconsciously. But I realized later that we weren't really competing against each other for NS acceptance. Almost all of my study group mates ended up being accepted into different NS and would like to specialize in different fields. I think in the end, it was good to befriend everyone because we now cheer each other on & can help each other with job hunting after graduating.

hi stella2010! i understand what you're feeling! nursing school puts all of its emphasis on making the perfect grades! it creates a magnificent division amonst everyone in class: the "doing well-ers," the "just getting by-ers," and the "hanging on by a fine thread-ers."

i feel that the best way to combat the negative competitiveness is to encourage someone else who is hanging on by a fine thread. while your advancing on, why not help someone else who might be able to help you along the way?

i wish you continued success with your studies! :)

Well, I dont wish anyone to do poorly in school. I try to help others out but I sure do understand your feelings. I have done well in my pre-req's and I guess I feel more relieved when there are not lots of others with A's. Its very competitive like you said and I do worry about how many other 4.0 will apply.

I worry that I am one of the just getting by-ers. I have pretty good grades, but I am in my last quarter of pre-reqs and I am worried that I will just end up sitting on the list feeling stupid. I have finally come to the conclusion that this is what I want but what do I do if it I can't get it. I do not think the LPN programs are as competitive as they once were because RNs are what is in demand, but if I can't make it in to the LPN program what makes me think I can make it into the RN program.

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I don’t like seeing other struggle either. I really don’t put forth a lot of time and energy in studying. If I did, I would make straight A’s too. There are two girls in my cohort who are 4.0 students. I had both in my first clinical. Hands on, they have a lot of difficulty. They are so book smart, but socially ignorant (I am not saying this about you). They can rattle off lab values, assessment data, and the pathology of their patient’s condition, but cannot for the life of them put it all together. They are unable to connect the dots. Now that we are passed the simple memory recall, they struggle.

I used to be competitive when I was younger until I realized that everyone was granted the same degree. Some people on the site say GPA is very important in getting a job. I don’t believe that. I have had friends who are nursing recruiters tell me they much rather hire someone who is hands-on than a 4.0 book smart person.

Anyways, bragging about your success will become old quick. It concerns me to hear that you secretly like seeing others fail. There was another person who said the same thing. If you have those feelings, then how will you be able to work as a nurse when you will be required to work in teams? Anyways, the two girls I mentioned are no longer 4.0 students and all of their bragging has caused the cohort to dislike them.


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