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  1. CA_BSN_Student

    CSULB Nursing Interview Fall 2011!!!

    Little_RN2b - you'll get to choose during orientation. I was surprised during my orientation, that most people wanted basic. Then I found out during second semester that trimester clinical instructors have higher expectations (or tougher, depending on point of view) in general. CluelessNursingGuy - I took patho & pharm during 1st semester but several of my classmates took them before that. Patho & pharm weren't very difficult at CSULB, but you'll probably have less time to study for N200, which is likely the toughest 1st semester class. My classmates who were transfer students & already have those two classes completed were able to take 1 or 2 capstone classes during 1st semester.
  2. yunnieling - As a current CSULB student, you should definitely apply during spring semesters. I'm not sure if transfer students will be accepted for spring 2012 but current CSULB students should have a better chance for acceptance anyways. Is there a reason that's preventing you from applying?
  3. Unfortunately, our governor & state legislature did approve a budget that will reduce CSU funding by $500 million for 2011 - 2012. Another $500 million reduction in state funding may occur if state tax extensions are not implemented. Current student tuition may increase by as much as 32%.
  4. CA_BSN_Student

    CSULB Nursing Interview Fall 2011!!!

    ifonly - I'm starting 3rd semester next week (psych & critical care). Clinical rotation are mostly at LBMMC, for trimester students, and the facility is pretty awesome. See you guys around during fall semester!
  5. Good news & bad news. The application does state that "non residents cannot be admitted to the Basic BSN program". But it does not say that non residents cannot be admitted to the trimester BSN program, which is the 2 year program. However in the program general information, it does state that program is under impaction & they may only consider CA residents for admission. This may very well be true since our governor is proposing a $1 billion state wide educational budget cut. Another budget cut may occur down the line and I wouldn't be surprised if they cut back on number of students admitted into the program. Program general information does state that "natural sciences must have been taken in the last 5 years", so I'm pretty sure that is the case. That is a pretty common requirement for nursing programs, based on my application experience. But you should contact every school that you're interested in, just to be sure. Good luck!
  6. CA_BSN_Student

    CSULB Nursing Interview Fall 2011!!!

    The stipend program at LBMMC is only available during 5th semester now. Our clinical instructors indicated that it might be phased out eventually. More supply of nurses vs. demands I guess. ATI exams are still implemented but it's now 25% of our lecture grade.
  7. CA_BSN_Student

    CSULB Nursing Interview Fall 2011!!!

    LoveLikeWoe - I believe the stipend/contract program is only available during or after your 3rd semester. I do not know how $ each recipient get but I do know, from talking with recent grads, that the amount is decreasing each year. I don't know the exact eligibilities but I do know some sort of interview is involved. I would think grades and clinical instructor evaluations (especially if they work for LBMMC) will be taken into account. I spoke to quite a few recent grads (graduated within 1 year) and it appears LBMMC is impacted right now. I believe they are working full-time but most are not assigned to a specific unit. I also heard the starting pay is average, in comparison with other hospitals. Bcho86 - 1st semester can be a bit easier if you already took pharm & physio. Some of my classmates that didn't have to take those classes, were able to get some capstone classes out of the way.
  8. CA_BSN_Student

    Tired of Pre-Reqs

    I'm a 2nd semester nursing student @ CSULB. Lecture instructors are all pretty good. Clinical instructors seem to change a bit each semester, but most 1st semester clinical instructors seemed pretty cool. If you choose trimester, clinical instructors differs a bit starting in 2nd semester. Expectations seems to be a lot higher for trimester students, comparing to basic. Clinical sites also differ for trimester & basic. Trimester will mostly remain in LBMMC. Basic includes VA near CSULB, St. Mary, Torrance...etc. LBMMC is pretty nice and instructors are actually employed at LBMMC, so they know the hospital very well. There are no tricks to the application process. It is what it is, purely based on grades and TEAS scores. It really helps if you have high science prereq GPA, since it counts as 40% of your total "application point". But I think as long as your total "application point" is near 9.0 or above, you have a great shot at being accepted. Good luck!
  9. CA_BSN_Student

    Tired of Pre-Reqs

    It's getting harder & harder to be a student now. CA governor just proposed a huge educational budget cut. Our university is standing to lose about 20% of its annual budget for the year 2011 - 2012. An even bigger budget cut could occur that might lead to 40% funding loss. Other states that are in huge debt might follow suit. As a public school student in CA, this all means tuition will sky-rocket next year, whether you're attending community college, California State University, or University of California. Less students will be admitted into four year schools (both as freshmen & transfer) and less classes will be offered. It will be harder & harder to get into science prerequisite classes like anatomy. Some CA community colleges have reduced the number of students admitted each year into their nursing program. If this continues, 4 year universities might have to follow soon.
  10. CA_BSN_Student

    CSULB Nursing Interview Fall 2011!!!

    CalStatePreNursing - The info you've gathered is pretty accurate! I went through the same process about this time last year & flew down from NorCal on my interview day. I can't mention the exact details for fairness but it's really nothing to stress over. Chances are, if you're scheduled for an interview .... you're most likely in. Good luck!
  11. CA_BSN_Student

    Cal State Long Beach Nursing Program

    Noellenana - There will be clinical during first semester, after about 5 weeks of hand-on training + skills exam. Clinical won't begin until mid to late September so hopefully you'll make a fully recovery before then.
  12. CA_BSN_Student

    CSULB 'courses in progress'

    I know at least one of my classmates got in for fall 2010, with a science prereq in progress. However, I do not know his/her stats. I do know he/she was an alternative and was notified days before semester began. I don't think anyone will be able to answer your question regarding transfer acceptance for 2012, at least until state education budget is set in stone. Good luck!
  13. CA_BSN_Student

    Current csulb nursing students!!!

    Malefocker - Trimester & basic students do not take the same classes as ELM students. Our classes are about 16 weeks long during spring & fall so I believe ELM classes should be about half of that. We have similar instructors but the ELM pace is much faster. Not sure where ELM students do clinicals, since I don't think I've seen them at LBMMC. Good luck with your application. Hope you're ready to be in turbo mode for 14 months. BTW, LBMMC is delaying their contract program. I wouldn't be surprised if they stop offering them for a while.
  14. I wonder if transfer students will be able to apply for spring 2012, since our governor is trying to (and likely will, to a certain degree) cut educational budget in balancing our state budget. Worst case scenario, they might even cut back on acceptance for both spring & fall. I would have some back up plans just in case.
  15. CA_BSN_Student

    Submitting Transcripts to Schools

    I was in a similar situation last year. I went to 2 JCs, one right out of high school and got a F and a W in my only semester there. I took all of my prerequisites & lower division GEs at the second JC and did pretty well there. When I was applying for schools, I thought about not sending my transcript from the first JC. But I ordered and sent them in the end because I didn't want to risk losing my eligibility or get kicked out of the program in case it was discovered down the line.