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  1. Hello! I just interviewed for a position as a dialysis technician with Harbin Clinic here in NW GA. I was wondering if any of our nurses happen to be employed there? I am worried about the interview process. I completed the online app and test, then went to the screening interview on Tuesday. I had to undergo a behavioral interview to see if had the attitude and personality to work in healthcare. I am hoping I did okay, there were questions such as has there ever been a time when I went above and beyond my duty, and what was the outcome? Describe a time when I have had to work with a difficult coworker, how was the situation resolved? and the like. At the end of the interview the rep told me that she needed to score my behavioral interview and the next step would be to contact my references and then forward the information to the director. Is this just a polite way of saying I didn't get the job? I have never worked for a large company like with, and harbin has such a great reputation. I am just so nervous. I do not have experience as a patient care tech, but I am so willing to learn. I am already a CNA and I love being around patients. I am taking pre-nursing classes, but I am also willing to put off school so I can become a great tech. Should I be worried? Thanks!
  2. mylittlelulu

    PSB-LPN Exam

    Hey, Everyone! I am going to start my last quarter of pre-reqs on Tuesday at Georiga Northwestern Technical College in Rome, GA. I will be taking math, a & p, and med term this quarter. I plan to submit my application for the LPN program in early October. The program is competitive and so far, although not perfect, I do have all As. What I am wondering is if anyone can tell me what to expect from the PSB-LPN exam. This test is a requirement, and overall GPA is added to the PSB score (must be 40 percentile) to determine elgibility for the program. Any advice such as websites and study guides is much appreciated! Wish me luck! Thanks!
  3. mylittlelulu

    Can a new graduate be a hospice RN?

    I am just curious. Would experience as a CNA in a hospice setting help at all? I am already a CNA and have almost a year of experience working in LTC. I want to apply to work in either home health or hospice to get the experience before I graduate as an LPN. Perhaps that is an option for you, too, Fireball. CNA courses are pretty affordable and average about 3 weeks (here in GA anyway) or it might be possible that because you have your first year of school under your belt you could become a CNA with that and get some experience working in home settings. This will prepare you for hospice later and look good on your resume too. Good luck in all you do. I have heard the calling for hospice, too.
  4. mylittlelulu

    This is my calling....

    Thank you so much for the advice. I think I am just going to go ahead with the LPN program and then go on to RN after getting some experience. It feels like the right path to follow. Do you get to spend a lot of one-on-one time, even in the short visits, with your patients. That is really important to me. I think that with the increased demands of patient loads and insurance requirements this aspect of nursing is lost. I do not see myself working in a hospital with a constantly rotating patient load. Thank you!
  5. mylittlelulu

    This is my calling....

    Hello, Hospice Nurses! I am hoping that y'all can help me out. I am currently finishing my pre-reqs for the LPN program here in GA. I have three this quarter then I can apply to the program and with some luck with begin in Winter 2011 or in Spring 2011. I have been torn between following the LPN or just sticking it out and continue working as a CNA while I become an RN. The program is definetly much more difficult to get into. I fear being waitlisted. I really want to work in hospice. It has taken me some time to make the decision to become a nurse. My original thought was to be a Social Worker, but six years of school at 34 is a long time. I like being a CNA. I love my residents. I had interviewed for an office position several years ago with a local hospice but I didn't get the job because at the time I did not have enough medical terminology. I feel that hospice is my calling. Caring for and nuturing both family and patient as they face this time feel like it what I am meant to do. As an LPN I won't be able to pronounce and probably cannot give some meds. (maybe someone could give me an idea of what a hospice nurse does?) Could I still find work in hospice? Any advice would be appreciated by all! Thank you. :redbeathe
  6. mylittlelulu

    I put in my resignation notice today...

    Good luck. I am in the same boat. The LTC facility I work at is horrible, at best. Poor management and I am convinced that the only requirements for the CNA is a certification and a heartbeat. I have threatened myself to quit many times but I have been there for nearly a year. I know my residents love me. I take care of them wholeheartedly. They appreciate this so despite all the crap I keep going back. I know I am making a difference. Someday, when I get my nursing license and eventual RN, I will have a good job, but I always want a job where I can see the difference I am making one smile at a time. :hug:
  7. mylittlelulu


    I worry that I am one of the just getting by-ers. I have pretty good grades, but I am in my last quarter of pre-reqs and I am worried that I will just end up sitting on the list feeling stupid. I have finally come to the conclusion that this is what I want but what do I do if it I can't get it. I do not think the LPN programs are as competitive as they once were because RNs are what is in demand, but if I can't make it in to the LPN program what makes me think I can make it into the RN program.
  8. mylittlelulu

    Is it the right thing to do?

    Thank you! I will!
  9. mylittlelulu

    how much do you make?

    In NW GA, $9.12 an hour first shift, plus $2.00 an hour on Sat and Sun for baylor. (12 hour shifts)
  10. mylittlelulu

    If you are a bad CNA, does that make you a bad Nurse?

    I quickly discovered after I received my CNA and got a job that school is a lot different from the "real world" I went home practically in tears every night, thinking I would never catch on. Then it occurred to me. We are dealing with real people, with real feelings. Not everything we may do is perfect, but if you care about your patients and their well-being, then you will get there. I have been in a nursing home for about a year. I am still slower than a lot of the other cnas, but I also know that my patients really do get bed baths (not just a wipe and a promise) in between their shower days , their hair is combed with glasses and hearing aides in, and they have thier dentures cleaned or teeth brushed. I know that there is a certain amount of speed that must be maintained when working in health care, but I do believe it is quality, not quantity that counts. What good is it to have all 9 of your residents up and in their chairs by 930 or 10 if they are not clean, wearing clean briefs, and smell? They deserve more respect than that. BTW, I cannot wait to get out of LTC tho. Its just too much. Hang in there and be the best you can be.
  11. mylittlelulu

    Is it the right thing to do?

    Hello, all. I have been viewing the posts on allnurses for a few weeks now. I am hoping I can get some help advice. I, too, am considering a career in nursing. I am just not sure. The step to it seems so scary. I am currently taking classes at a local tech school. I just discovered that I only need one more quarter (3 classes) to complete my prereqs for LPN. That means that as long as my grades are good, which I think they are and I do well on the psych exam, I can get into the program next Spring. However, I kind of keep wondering if this is the right thing for me to do. I am currently working as a cna at a nursing home. I have been employed there for nearly a year; this is the only experience I have with nursing. The attitudes of our LPNs scare me a little. They think cna are less then they. We are only there to wipe butts. I love my residents. I am a caring person with a HUGE heart. I am not that strong of a personality, but I want to take care of people. I like being a CNA, I just absorb the negative attitudes of the people around me. I hope that I if I do decide that nursing is my thing then when I get into a hospital where I have more say in the care of my patients (not being a cna reporting to an LPN) then it will be better. I am thinking that I would like to work in hospice. I do plan to bridge to RN so I can get into case management, but I need money to help support my family. I thought of social work, but 6 years of school is scary too. I am 34, I have had many jobs but never a career. Any advice is appreciated!