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I'm just logging in for the first time, so all of this is pretty new to me. I'm a prospective nursing student who wants info on schools in PA with an ACE program....I've already looked at Drexel, and that is way too expensive.. :crying2: Anyone have any advice?



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Welcome to allnurses

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Good luck! Try the Pennsylvania nurses forum on this site and perhaps you'll get some help from nurses who know the programs you are interesting in. Welcome to the site! :)


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Hullo out there,, Welcome to allnurses, I do hope you enjoy your time here, look forward to reading your posts.....

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jefferson offers four accelerated programs leading to the msn degree: the rn-bsn-msn option, the accelerated pathway to the msn for second-degree prelicensure students, the fact option and the accelerated pathway to the msn for second-degree rn students.

fact students earn bsn in one calendar year of full-time study

thomas jefferson fast facts:

"financial aid

average undergraduate award (includes grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study):$15,092"

where are you in your career ladder?

nursing career options at jefferson, click on the word links below to begin exploring.

university health for incoming students

"beginning, may 2003, jchp nursing graduates will be eligible for the nursing education reimbursement program, designed to help graduated nursing students repay the debt associated with their nursing education. the program will provide $18, 600 over a three year period to qualified applicants who are hired into a full-time nursing position at any of the four thomas jefferson university hospital campuses..."

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Thanks for sending me the info....Unfortunetly, we plan on living in the Lehigh Valley area so Philly would be too far a commute for me. Doesn't seem like there are too many schools outside of Philly that offer the accelerated programs. I also have to be pretty selective because I have two small children at home. :)

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Welcome to Allnurses!! :p :)

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