Comfortable shoes that add height?

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Hi folks,

I searched the forums, but could not find any threads specific to comfortable nursing shoes that add at least 2 inches of height. I am a shorter nurse, and I have become accustomed to wearing my Sanita clogs, which adds 1-2 inches of height, but am now unable to tolerate them. Can anyone kindly recommend a comfortable nursing shoe that also adds height?

Much appreciated.

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Check shoe discussions in our Nursing Scrubs / Uniforms / Gear forum.

Thank you, prnqday, for your fast response. I do love the Dansko's, but sadly they are too much like my Sanita clogs, which I can no longer tolerate. I did search the forums before I posted my thread. There is a great deal of conversations about shoes and comfort, but my twist on the subject is added height in a comfortable shoe. I am certainly open to having my thread moved to another section if that's the best approach. What I wonder is if anyone has had any experience wearing molded clog type shoes like a Croc, but something that would make me taller. The Crocs are perfect for me, but too flat. Again, any input is greatly appreciated.

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Calzuro clogs.

FlyingScot, these look like exactly what I am looking for!!! I have searched many a shoe and discussion board, and this is the first I have heard of Calzuro. Thank you all so much for revisiting this subject. I will purchase these this evening and let you know how it goes once I try them out.

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Check out timberland professionals. They add height like sanita and dansko, but have a different shape

Do you need the type or brand? Wooden heeled clogs are an excellent choice for comfortable heeled shoes. As for the brand, you can try Maguba, which is a Swedish brand of clogs.

Yeah, wooden clogs are a good choice for they are easy on your feet. You can get a lot of designs to choose from online stores, so you should check them out.

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I don’t know if you are still looking or found what you were looking for, but crocs came out with a 2.5 inch heeled croc called the Bae. 

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