Sky Ridge Medical Center, Co.

  1. Hi, team!
    I'm a CVOR scrub nurse with 26 yrs of OR experience and looking to relocate to Colorado and am liking what I see on the Sky Ridge web site. I know that a web site is all the pretty stuff. Does anyone have any inside information about Sky Ridge?

    1. Do they do a lot of hearts or vascular surgeries?
    2. How is the administration in the OR?
    3. Do they pay well?
    4. Is HealthOne a good system to work for?

    Any info would be helpful. I'm also looking to move to Monument, which is very near Colorado Springs. Any info about this place would be much appreciated also.

    Thank you, all!!
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  3. by   SummitRN

    I took a patient to the Skyridge ED once. It was very nice. It is newer.

    Monument is an awesome place if you like the outdoors (why else move to CO?)
  4. by   klone
    I live in the Denver area and have heard nothing but good things about Sky Ridge. Sorry I cannot answer your specific questions, though. Denver is a fabulous place to live. We just relocated here in May from central AZ, and I love it here.
  5. by   Skyy85297
    We're coming from east valley, az. Thanx for your input!
  6. by   Skyy85297
    Do you know any reasonable moving companies?
  7. by   Lizzie21
    Sky Ridge is a new hospital. It's beautiful on the inside. I know an ED nurse that works there and loves it. Colorado is a great place to live. I'm not sure about pay or anything like that. Good luck!
  8. by   klone
    Quote from Skyy85297
    We're coming from east valley, az. Thanx for your input!
    Yay! Welcome, from another AZ to COan! You'll love it here!
  9. by   Flo.
    Welcome to CO! Unlike others I have heard nothing but bad things about skyridge. Basically it is beautiful and looks like a hotel but the nursing care is subpar compared to the other health one facilites in the area. I would check some other hospitals out and ask lots of questions if you decide to go in for an interview. These could just be rumors but best to play it safe and go in with eyes wide open.
  10. by   Skyy85297
    Thank you all for your input! I will ask many questions. We have a new hospital here in AZ that looks beautiful but is the scurge of the area as far as patient care. I'm hoping that Sky Ridge is nothing like it. Most new places need about 5-6 years before they start to hit their stride. I hope that I can make a differnce there.
  11. by   Skyy85297
    What specific questions would be at the top of your list?
  12. by   Lizzie21
    I would ask them what the nurseatient ratio is like. What they are known for. nurse satisfaction and turnover rate for nurses there.
  13. by   Skyy85297
    Thanx. I will ask. I'm looking for a position in the OR so ratio isn't that important. I hope they'll be true about employee satisfaction and attrition.
  14. by   Lizzie21
    I would also ask what are the typical surgeries that you'll see and what your role as the nurse would be.