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I am looking for a LPN program in Colorado. I heard Emily Griffith has a great program but I want to later move into RN program. I also checked in Regis What do you think?... Read More

  1. by   Sand_Dollar
    I will look at any other suitable program around the Denver area, but it has to be accredited so I can get my BSN online later. Aims is an hour away for me and I would like something closer, but it's all just time now. I will check out ACC and find out what I have to do to get on their list. Any suggestions of other programs... I don't think I can justify the expense of DSN right now.
  2. by   Coloradogrl
    I have heard that even though all the programs are going competitive that it is still a few years out because they are going through the wait list 1st.

    What about Regis? I still wouldn't count out CU. There is UNC and Mesa state what about CU-Pueblo?
  3. by   Sand_Dollar
    I am still praying for CU - I am a firm believer in miracles!

    Regis is just too expensive for me (will have me + 2 or 3 kids in college next fall). UNC, CU-Pueblo and Mesa are too far because my family and I live in Brighton.

    I appreciate the suggestions - they were all great ones! My fingers are still crossed!
  4. by   Sart45
    Sand Dollar...FINGERS CROSSED!!!! Keep us informed please. And yes, miracles do happen. I haven't applied yet to CU, Denver; waiting to finish pre-reqs. But I think I'm nuts for even pursuing all of this...I'm OLD! I ,too, have gone to a ton of other schools (I have a BA and an MA...from DU...but in Education); I don't even remember 1/2 the schools I took classes from to keep my teaching license current. Many, many positive thoughts your way:redpinkhe

    Does CSU have a Nursing Program? Is Metro too far? I don't know anything about their program.
  5. by   ashaffer
    Sand Dollar: from reading your posts I have no doubt you will get into the best school for you and do great! Don't beat yourself up too much. I am feeling the same way about getting into nursing school right now. I may get CNA certified as well...
  6. by   Coloradogrl
    what about getting your LPN 1st?
  7. by   DenRN71
    Sand Dollar, I can relate to how you're feeling--I too had a year of mediocre grades from 20 years ago that are going to drag down my overall GPA--it sucks. And, I've been feeling frustrated and discouraged the past couple of days as well since I learned that competition is going to be even tougher than I thought since there will be additional applicants for Spring 2011 if I don't get admitted to the Summer 2010 term.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you're not the only one trying to figure out Plan B and Plan C. I wish you the best in trying to figure it out and coming with an alternate plan. Although from what you've shared I'd say you still have a very good chance of being accepted--don't you have a 4.0 from your pre-req's?

  8. by   Sand_Dollar
    I don't know much about the LPN route. I would rather not piecemeal EVERY step of the way, if you know what I mean. lol

    I had disregarded UNC because of the CNA & additional pre-reqs, but I am going to look into it as well. I will need 3 additional classes: organic chem, pharmacology and 'Nutrition in Health and Illness' to apply. I will take the organic chem during the fall online, but the other two have to be taken at the UNC campus. If I get into another program, then maybe I can get credit for the Pharm class, you never know!

    All of the ASN programs require Mat 103 (Math for clinical calculations). Do you think I would get credit Mat 121 (College Algebra) instead? Just hoping to save the tuition. The one nice thing, all the classes I have taken for my AS go right to the BSN requirements.
  9. by   Sand_Dollar
    Hi amac71,

    Yes, I have a 4.0 (from my pre-reqs at least, ugh). I still have some classes to finish this spring, but the hardest class should be stats and don't think it can be any worse than algebra! lol! I will be calling about 4 programs tomorrow to see what is what and can pass along what I discover.

    @Sart45 - CSU has a BSN program only in Pueblo and Metro has only an accelerated or RNtoBSN bridge programs. Both won't work for me right now. Great ideas though!
  10. by   Coloradogrl
    NOOO they don't require Math 103 that is something you can take adhead of the time but several programs like you to take it while you are in the program because it goes hand in hand with Pharm. I am thinking of taking MAT 103 this session just to get it out of the way but its not require
  11. by   Sart45
    Hey Sand Dollar...If I can get an A in Statistics you MOST certainly can. I took it online last summer. My first official online class and I don't remember the last time I took a math class. If you've just finished Algebra you should do great!
    As with all classes keep up with everything, do the extra credit (ha ha...I can't imagine you NOT doing it) and ask questions. I thought I was driving the rest of my Online classmates crazy with my questions and at the end of the class several people Thanked Me for always being the one to ask!!!

    Also thanks for the info on CSU and Metro...I didn't know anything about them.

    When is the latest date that you'll hear about acceptance at CU? I just can't imagine them NOT accepting you. XXXXXXX (those are my crossed fingers)
  12. by   Sand_Dollar
    Thanks Sart45!! Anytime now we'll get the email telling us they have processed our applications. I *think* this may be the time they weed out those that don't meet the requirements, like me now. Then they start the actual picking and choosing of potential candidates.

    Good job on your A!! I'm glad you had a good experience and good grade for your first online class. When I took Algebra I asked my prof for help one time and he didn't help me at all. I was not a happy camper. From then on I knew I was on my own figuring things out. I do not look back on that class fondly, LOL. I'm so glad they have extra credit available in stats!! And you're right, I will be doing it all!

    I'm not so bummed out anymore, thank goodness! I have a plan, can take classes almost every semester until NS starts (whatever program it may be) and I realized that if I get to UNC, its about 8k less than CU. It will pay all my gas and I could even get a starbucks and go out for lunch every day with the difference in tuition! LOL

    You all are so awesome on this board!! Thanks for the support!! ((((HUGS))))
  13. by   RN2BKS
    Quote from ashaffer
    How do you like being a CNA? I have been at a desk job for 13 years and I would love to get out of a cube. Was it easy to get a job right out of CNA school? Do you work in a hospital setting?
    Well I have been one for almost 2 years and its not easy! I got a job right away at a nursing home and then I moved here over the summer and got a job with a agency (which you travel to all the Denver hospitals) now I got a job at a hospital. You are on your feet for 12 hours a day, always busy doing something! Someone always needs something from you! It's really awesome when you get to know the people that you are taking care of and also learning how to take out IVs and doing bladder scanning is neat. I would seriously switch over as soon as you can! Need any help, let me know!