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I am looking for a LPN program in Colorado. I heard Emily Griffith has a great program but I want to later move into RN program. I also checked in Regis What do you think?... Read More

  1. by   cololab*21
    Congrads to you both! I just graduated from Platt's BSN program and I believe I recieved the best education in the state. The school is accredited and the nursing program is in the final phase for their NLNAC accreditation. Everone starts off worried about accreditation, but in the long run it's a minor factor. My classmates and I are applying to graduate programs that will start in 2010. My advice to you is to keep the good attitude, work hard and focus on becoming a good nurse. Eveything else will takecare of itself. Good luck and have fun!!!
  2. by   jdarcy
    I moved to Pueblo to finish Nursing School. I have finished my RN/ADN program at Pueblo Community college. Excellent School experience and I feel very well prepared to take NCLEX in a few weeks. I looked at my RN to BSN articulation at CSU Pueblo and at Beth El in CS. My experience has been like night and day. I walked into the CSU pueblo offices and the program secretary (who is WAY more important a position than people give credit for)..was utterly disorganized and unprofessional. Her major focus seemed to be who you might be related to..in Pueblo. She had a disdain for "outsiders" and spoke a spanglish mixture and gang speak to confuse and intimidate. When she realized I speak fluent spanish she stopped talking about gringos with her partner. but I could see the embarassement. She couldnt find what classess I needed, couldnt tell me what instructor to talk to, couldnt tell me when the chair of the program would be in, couldnt set up an appt. with the chair of the program and generally "couldnt". I decided right then and there that this would be a last choice scenario. I have talked to and worked with more than a few CSU pueblo Nurses and students and am very well aquainted with several former instructors there. The students are less than prepared for boards...they are less than well prepared in clinical situations and dont really hit the ground running. Beth El on the other hand was a fantastic experience. Very organized, got me an appt to talk with the right people I needed to see who gave me concrete direction on how to proceed. We were able to work out several different scenarios and find a way for them to work for me.
    I have decided to do my RN to BSN with Beth El.
    So, tho' you are just starting out as a new prospect into nursing I would suggest that you look at the Beth El program and not be intimidated by the requirements that they have such as the 3.3 gpa. You want that...you want to be with the the best as it will inspire you to be your best. Nursing isnt about just getting the degree and then passing boards it is the training you need to save lives and improve lives and be a part of our ever more evidence based driven profession.
    Good lUck.
  3. by   somedaynp
    i am in class #16 -- supposed to start a week from today. I've been really excited, but it seems that I might not get to go. I've taken the maximum in stafford loans out, but since this is my second bachelor's degree, I don't qualify for other forms of financial aid. I've been summarily rejected by private lenders as I am not working full time. The income that I do recieve in child support from my ex doesn't come close to making monthly payments. Looks like the platt dream is circling the drain.
  4. by   ashmak26
    I am a current student at the University of Denver. I believe my calling is to go into nursing and after much thought I am going to do it! I am looking to apply to CU Denver or Regis within the next year and a half. I have about 6 pre-requisites under my belt (not science related). I am wondering if anyone has completed their pre-requisites at DU and which classes were most helpful to take. I am in a bind because I need Anatomy, Physiology and MicroB but they are 2000 level classes and I have not taken Biology classes in college before. Should I jump into those to complete them or take the Bio Concept 1000 series before I take A & P? Any help from current or past DU students would be of so much help. I have only a week to register!

    Very excited to jump start my future
  5. by   Benedina
    CU's nursing school puts on their website the transfer courses they accept from each Colorado college. You can go to that website and find out exactly which courses from University of Denver they'll accept. Good luck! I hope you hear from current or former DU students, too.

    CU's summary of acceptable courses from DU:


    Warm wishes,

  6. by   iheartbabymamas
    Does anyone have any inside info etc, about this program? I am seriously considering DSN as I have been further waitlisted to June of 2011. It is obscene to wait so long to finish an ADN. At this point I have all my prereqs and than some. Chucking up the money to get it done now seems more reasonable.
    Thanks in Advance!
  7. by   elkpark
    I know there are some existing threads here about this school -- have you tried doing a search for the name of the school? (upper right hand corner of the screen)
  8. by   ashmak26
    Thank you thank you! I have checked out the link before and it has definitely been helpful I'm hoping to hear from someone soon as well who has or is going to DU for pre-reqs. I've discovered there are not many people at DU looking to go into nursing, its known for its business and law school mostly. I'm sure there are some people out there though!
  9. by   Sand_Dollar
    Since CU requires two science courses (one with a lab) anyway, why not take it and then you will not only have another CU pre-req done, but have an idea what to expect in AP.
  10. by   tooky
    I am so tired of aplying for all these nursing schools!

    I applied at Concorde in Denver . It is credited, and aproved by the state board of nursing. And I can get my associates degree .
    I can start the program real soon.
    The only thing that I have a problem with is I havent heard much about Concorde.
    Does anyone have any info on the schools Nursing program?
  11. by   SummitRN
    I looked at their BSN program... they seem odd... and are VERY expensive. At least they didn't e-stalk me like Platte did.
  12. by   One1
    Last I checked (which was about a year ago) they were NOT regionally accredited, meaning their academic degree might not be accepted by regionally accredited school such as CU, Regis, Metro, etc, should you at some point desire to go RN-BSN (with the Associate's degree you receive at Concorde). I had a meeting with them a year ago and was less than impressed by the school and the recruiter. Concorde has also gotten bad press a while ago by some nursing students who got kicked out (according to their statement) without receiving the tuition payments back that they had already made for the remainder of the program, but I never heard a follow-up on the story, so you might want to take it with a grain of salt (as usual, we don't know all the facts). I'd say meet with a recruiter at the school, do your tour, and get a feel. Most importantly, gather all the facts and have your (very detailed) questions ready. The lady I talked to during my meeting very much had a tendency to want to avoid straight answers.
  13. by   tooky
    Ok! Thats crazy because I heard about the students that had a case against them too. I am so nervous about this school. I actually had a tour already and had an interview. So who knows what I should do. I might look into College of America. Its sad I have to go to these institutions coming from a University but its taking way too long to get into a Nursing School.