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I am looking for a LPN program in Colorado. I heard Emily Griffith has a great program but I want to later move into RN program. I also checked in Regis What do you think?... Read More

  1. by   pjsmom
    If you have good credit then you should just be able to go to your bank (CU's have better rates) and apply for a personal loan. It is not an educational loan or student loan, it is a line of credit and you can use the money for anything. Keybank gave us enough to foot the rest of the DSN tuition.
  2. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    Quote from RNtwoBE
    ...hopefully I'll be able to scrape by and make it.
    Do you have a detailed budget that covers the duration of the program and a few months after while you look for work?

    If not, make one NOW.

    In Spanish the word for "to hope" is the same as the word for "to wait" as in waiting expectantly for that which you know is going to come to pass. In English, the word "to hope" is synonymous with "to wish" as in, "I don't really know but maybe it'll miraculously take care of itself."

    Don't fall into the latter category. Make sure that you're clear about what you need and that you have a budget that you can follow to get you to your goal.

    As to how you come up with the cash, I haven't any good suggestions. In my own case, I took out a second mortgage on my house (and I'm hoping/wishing that I find a job before I run out of cash and join the foreclosed-upon ranks).
  3. by   robynv
    Well I haven't applied yet, even though I got offered a first shot at it with the letters when they changed things.

    I'm not a CNA and I just can't seem to find a time in their schedule that works for me with the class. It always ends after 3:30 and my kids get out of school at 3:30! So for a stupid year almost I've sat on this! Just taking core classes that will transfer if I decide to do the BSN later.

    Can you tell me about the TEAS Test? I was wondering about the GPA averages as well. Mine was only a 3.4, so I wondered if I needed to retake something.
  4. by   CBsMommy
    Hi Robyn - The TEAS test was pretty easy, in my opinion. A lot of simple algebra (if you've taken the nursing math class you will be fine). There are some earth science question on rocks and volcanoes, etc. I used the Kaplan TEAS review book and I scored in a great percentile. A lot of people freak about this test but I think that if you pick up this book and review a section at a time, in about a month, you will have it all down!

    The CNA class does NOT have to be taken at PPCC! You can take it anywhere you want but if you do not take it at PPCC then you will have to take the state test to become certified. Otherwise, if you do take it at PPCC, then they will take the credits and you don't have to take the state test. Hopefully this helps!

    3.4 is a great grade average if you are going to be applying soon. I think they stated the current average for pre-reqs was a 2.9 GPA...but that will change as most people start to realize that to get in, it will be competitive.

    Good luck and I hope this helps! I start in Jan. to the nursing program and I can't tell you how excited I am!!!
  5. by   Penny8611
    I took it online as well. NOT easy. It was the toughest online class I've taken. My experience was that if I didn't know the answer to a quiz question, there is very little time to look it up.

    Not easy, but it can be done! Good luck!
  6. by   RNtwoBE
    Congrats texanmomma!!!

    How's everyone doing on all of the stuff we have to get done? I can't wait to hear what our schedule will be and attend orientation! Have you guys met with Robin yet? I'm worried about financing, but I'm not going to let it stop me!
  7. by   texanmomma

    I think I'm pretty much on on the right path... I had all my titers done, etc.

    I also saw Robin on Thurdsay! she is fantastic. The cost of this isn't cheap by all means.. But they do whatever they can.. she really works with you. But if your already caped out on FIN AID like your staffords, then you have to apply to salle mae, and if your denied, then they offer you in house. Lots of info that helped the ease of the cost of all this... I thought whatever we don't have we have to pay up front... But its not that way, we can make reasonable payments...

    so whos going for what? RN or BSN?
  8. by   mtnmedic
    I haven't really had a chance to get started with the physical, drug testing etc but I know I do need to get on it.

    I am doing the straight RN program.

    On another note, I am coming from the Evans and Holly area...if anyone else is too, maybe we could carpool. Otherwise, my plan is the light rail as it will get too expensive to drive and pay for the parking downtown.
  9. by   RNtwoBE
    texanmomma - I didn't know about the in house financing option, can you tell me about that? Is that where you make payments? I sure hope I don't have to get Sallie Mae, 11-15% is outrageous!!!

    I'm in the BSN program. Anyone else here in that program? I realized I forgot to ask, do you know how many people they put in each cohort?

    Having to get all of the stuff done is getting me excited...it's almost here, YAY! I've only done the background check so far, but I'm going to take care of most everything else this week. Just want to get it out of the way.
  10. by   tlt0616
    Coloradogrl, where is NJC and what prereqs are there to get into the lpn program? I am currently at frcc but am looking for a faster route. Thanks.
  11. by   robynv
    Thanks for the advice and good luck to you I'm excited for you. It is always great to cheer on another online friend. I must admit to being a bit of a math dummy, so I will worry about the math. I will look into CNA classes for spring. I would rather not have to go through an outside source and take the state test. I never wanted to be a CNA, although I can see it would probably be pretty useful on second thought!
  12. by   nam11
    Has anyone heard any information from Metro yet? I have been waiting, but I have a deposit due next week for another school and wanted to hear from Metro before I decide. I know people are going to say just pay the deposit ($1000) and then I can decide later when I hear from Metro, but I really don't want to lose money I been saving. I was thinking of calling or emailing Metro to see how far along in the process they are, but I did not want to annoy people there if they have no idea.

  13. by   Alice88
    The last I heard from them, they said November.