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I am looking for a LPN program in Colorado. I heard Emily Griffith has a great program but I want to later move into RN program. I also checked in Regis What do you think?... Read More

  1. by   albpreemieRN
    Also they just added a new NCLEX review book to our books this quarter (4th quarter in the BSN program). I feel they are trying to help get the NCLEX scores up, but honestly it's up to the individual to study and prepare for HESI and the NCLEX. Nursing school is about how much you put into it, no matter what school or program you go into. I've also heard taking the Kaplan review before the NCLEX helps a lot!
  2. by   Work in Progress
    I am also currently enrolled there. It is very competitive, as stated above. At my orientation they told us that for each of us that were there, 10 other people were denied admission. It is an awesome campus, but the area around there is pretty sketchy. I live about 20 minutes away, but I do like living in Denver. There are a lot of great hospitals where we do clinicals, the mountains are close by and there is plenty to do in town. The new campus and buildings are pretty nice. A lot of the problems that other people on this site seem to have at their school don't seem to be a huge issue here. The professors and instructors want us to succeed. They don't try to make the students fail to weed people out. Every person that I know of that has dropped out, it has been because of a personal issue. It has something like a 98% pass rate on the NCLEX. I was in the accelerated program, but I decelerated (as they called it) because I had a baby and had to take a block of classes off- they are great about accommodating these things. Now I am graduating with the traditional students. The people in class are motivated and great to have in class.

    There are a couple of negatives- the tuition is quite expensive, especially since you will be out-of-state. The accelerated program doesn't allow a lot of time for working, so I had to take out some private loans on top of the financial aid offered through the school and I work part time. The clinical office is ridiculously disorganized, probably due to the numbers of clinicals they are organizing. It gets a bit frustrating after the 5th time that you submit paperwork for a clinical or the 3rd time in a week that they changed your clinical time and date. There are a few online classes that are just ridiculous busy work and posting to the discussion boards about things that don't warrant that much discussion.

    All in all, I would highly suggest that school and Denver!
  3. by   trichick31
    I am interviewing for the May 2009 Accelerated BSN, any feedback on the interviews conducted on campus? What the format is? What kind of questions are asked? Etc....
  4. by   sierra_maroy
    This is my elective course. I need it. Thank you again.
  5. by   One1

    I am looking for some feedback from former or current Metro State Nursing Students about the program. Any opinion/ input is appreciated.

  6. by   Alice88
    I started a thread on this a few weeks ago and there were some good replies - https://allnurses.com/colorado-nurse...er-418280.html
  7. by   One1
    Alice88, thank you for your link, I had in fact read through it before but was hoping for a few more responses.
    What was your feel about the school when you visited? I have heard some good and some pretty discouraging things about the program which is why I am trying to get more input from students who are actually experiencing the program.

    Have you heard back from Metro regarding an admission decision? I too applied for the Jan '10 start date but have not heard back from Metro yet.
  8. by   Alice88
    I didn't do a full visit, I just talked to the admissions people at the open house in April. They seemed fine - I didn't get an overwhelming feeling one way or the other. As I said in the other thread, I don't have a good feeling about the program based on the admissions process and my e-mail correspondence with them.

    I haven't heard anything yet either - I thought they said we find out in late October or November. I have an interview with Regis in a few weeks and I'm hoping that works out. I have a much better feeling about them than Metro.
  9. by   One1
    Congratulations to your interview at Regis! When is it? I got one as well, mine is the end of October.
  10. by   brownt
    Hello all!
    Does anybody know of an online aas in nursing program?
    Thank you
  11. by   caliotter3
    The most popular distance program for RN is Excelsior College: www.excelsior.edu. You can find numerous threads and posts about this program in the Distance Ed forum. However, you will need to check with your Board about the feasibility of getting a CO license with a degree from EC. I seem to recall that CO has instituted additional requirements before someone with an EC degree can get a CO license.
  12. by   shan007
    thanks so much.
    anthro is just something that i was always interested in. i was debating if wanted to have a nursing degree or a anthro degree. so i am doing both. i am studying biological anthropology, emphasis in osteology and dental anth. so hopefully it will help in nursing school
  13. by   Coloradogrl
    I don't think there is any AAS degrees to COMPLETELY get your RN but I could be wrong. I do believe with Excelsior if you are 1/2 way through a RN program or LPN program you can continue with them but I am pretty sure you already have to have some clinical experience