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  1. Thank you for your reply, but this is the exact assignment pasted from my online class and she actually mentions emailing them. It is more for learning about nursing as we all have not even begun nursing classes yet: For this assignment, you will interview a nurse. Your interview needs to consist of at least eight questions. Those questions can be about any topic that interests you and relates to the nursing field. Your post for this unit needs to include the nurse's name and in what field he or she works along with your questions and his/her replies. Your report can be paragraph style or interview style (question followed by answer.) It is preferable, but not necessary, that you email your questions to the person whom you are interviewing.
  2. Hello, I am taking clinical calculations before I apply to nursing school and I need to interview a nurse. I sent the questions to the only RN I know, but she is really busy and I don't know if she will be able to respond in time. Can someone please help me out and answer the questions below? It is due this Sunday. I would need to know your name (can use last initial only if you want) and where or at least what type of place you work at. Here are the questions: 1)Can you tell us a little bit about your education and background in nursing? 2)Why did you decide to become a nurse and when did you know that you wanted to be a nurse? 3)What is your favorite part of being a nurse? 4)Is there anything about being a nurse that you don't like? 5)Do you have any advice for nursing students juggling busy lives and trying to get through nursing school? 6)Is there a field in nursing that you think is most in need of nurses? 7)I have heard that there is a lot of hostility in nursing, towards other nurses and nursing students. Do you find this to be true at all? 8) Was it easy for you to find a job when you graduated? Do you know if the place where you work hires BSN and ADN nurses? 9)Do you have anything else I might have missed that you would like to add?
  3. sara71985

    Looking for LPN school in Colorado

    I would have started there but I think it will save me A LOT to go to PPCC or PCC first and then apply for the RN to BSN program at UCCS or CSU pueblo. I already may have to have more student loans than I want once I start the actual nursing program because my job now at an insurance company is a normal M-F daytime job and even if they let me go to part time I am sure the schedules would still conflict, I can always try to find another night job but who knows in this economy I may have to depend on loans but I guess i'll worry about that when I get there. I am thinking of going to school in Pueblo now because I wonder why the schools here are not nationally accredited and how much it matters.
  4. sara71985

    Looking for LPN school in Colorado

    Okay, so I am new here wanting to go get an ADN in nursing, I am going to sign up for late start classes at PPCC this semester for pre reqs before I can apply for their ADN in nursing (possibly there). However I have many questions... First I see PPCC is NOT nationally accredited. My plan is to continue on to get my BSN... was thinking about UCCS but I also dont see them on the list of nationally accredited schools.. So if I went to PPCC will UCCS accept my transfer? If I got my BSN at UCCS and happened to move out of state or want a masters will it be ok with it not being nationally accredited as well? I see there are no nationally accredited schools in colorado springs, has it been a problem for anyone not going to a nationally accredited school when wanting to further education or get a job or move out of state? There are schools in pueblo which are nationally accredited (pueblo community college and CSU pueblo) which I could commute to. Has anyone gone there? Would it be a better option? I was thinking of taking my pre reqs at PPCC and then just applying for Pueblo community college. Does anyone know much about the wait list or process there? I really don't want to go all the way through nursing school to have limited options to further my education or change locations if necessary. Also, I know in some states there are hospitals that have nursing programs and will pay all or part of your tuition if you work for them.. Is there any such thing in Colorado Springs that anyone knows of? I couldn't find any info on any hospital site. Or any scholarships or grants anyone suggest I apply for? Thanks!