Health One vs Centura

  1. Has anyone worked for both of these companies and preferred one over the other? I'm just curious.
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  3. by   klone
    I've worked for Centura but not Health One so I don't have a basis for comparison, sorry!
  4. by   scaredsilly
    I'm opposite Klone, work for healthone but not Centura. I love HCA, it's fantastic, but pay sucks!
  5. by   SC_RNDude
    I've worked for both. The pay and working conditions were better at Centura.
  6. by   NightOwlPsyRN
    I've had colleagues who've worked at both, and have said Centura was definitely better.
  7. by   klone
    Speaking of HCA, I'm pretty sure I've been blackballed from them, and I think it's because of that weird test you have to take when you apply. I must have answered the questions in a way that suggests I'm a sociopath or something, because whenever I've applied for jobs with them, my application status turns to "not under consideration" within less than a day. Sure, some of the jobs are a bit of a reach, but some of them I fit ALL of the qualifications.

    HCA hates me!!
  8. by   scaredsilly
    Klone-I didn't have to take the test, how long ago did you apply?
    I had to take it for DH and St Jos, not for hca.
  9. by   klone
    Six months ago? Within the past year.
  10. by   scaredsilly
    I was hired in August and I didn't have to test---but I bypassed the online and went straight to the NM, but there should have still been a test, I would think. A lot of my classmates did the same thing and I ran into one this morning, she didn't remember a test either. I didn't have a test at Centura either, but that's probably because new grad apps went straight to the trash lol
  11. by   abend
    You are "invited" to take the online test by a recruiter after you apply. It's a way for the managers to focus their interview questions to specific candidates (according to your answers) while also saying that all candidates were equally interviewed. This is a legal/regulatory CYA. Healthone is a deeply entrenched corporate for-profit hospital system. It definitely views nurses as expendable (they throw money at travelers--even use them as sitters!). Not nurse-friendly.
  12. by   That Guy
    I could swear I took the tests before I heard back from the recruiters. I can't even remember now.
  13. by   klone
    From my experience, as soon as you hit "submit" on the application, it automatically generates an email that tells you to "follow this link and complete the questionnaire/test". It happens automatically.
  14. by   scaredsilly
    That would explain it. I went to see the NM, bypassed the online application and just used the online as a search for jobs.

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